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Small Perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine For Sale

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

About Perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine Company
Our company has been committed to the development and production of small perfume cellophane packaging machines. We are developing well in the small box cellophane wrapping machine market, and the annual order volume continues to climb.
The company has a number of long-term cooperative factories, and our products have won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad. We provide first-class products and first-class services. Reasonable price, perfect product, will definitely satisfy you.

Small Perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Introduction Of Small Perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Our company is a professional production of small box cellophane wrapping machinery manufacturing enterprises, the company has been established for nearly 10 years.In the past ten years, the company has been continuously introducing various high-quality perfume box cellophane wrapping machines to the market.Our machines are simple, easy to use, and have high quality and at low price.The aim of our company is to provide your products with perfect packaging and attractive prices.

Our cellophane wrapping machine for perfume is suitable for small rectangular objects, such as CD, perfume, poker and other types of small box packaging.

Main feature Of Small Perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine
Small box cellophane wrapping machine are suitable for the packaging of small products. It can replace the box in the paper and also reduce the cost of packaging. The use of cellophane wrapping machine packaging can be effectively waterproof and dustproof, and the packaged product has a beautiful appearance and increases the added value of the product.
Perfume box cellophane wrapping machine offers high operating speeds, a wide range of seal strips and multiple seal options. Suitable for all applications where longitudinal sealing is required at the bottom of the product.
The packaging machine can be connected to the cartoning machine to form a packaging production line.
Perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine to Sale
We use the new dual rotary slitting cutter to ensure that perfume box cellophane wrapping machine can be used for many years,overcoming the shortcomings of the traditional single fixed mode. Small box cellophane wrapping machine for perfume is a high-speed automatic transparent film packaging equipment.It uses a new double safety mechanism to ensure continuous and safe operation when it is stuck by the box,which can greatly save packaging time.The multi-position dial is alternately packaged,and all the cam actions of the packaging and sealing are completed.With high speed, stable operation and so on.
Our small perfume cellophane packaging machine is more professional and more cost effective.
Contact us and we are always ready to serve you.
Technical Data
Model LGB-200B
Packing Material Cellophane(BOPP heat sealing film)
Packaging speed 50-100pcs/min
Packing size (L)50-180mm(W)20-100mm(H)10-50mm
Power 220V 50HZ
Total power 4.5kw
Dimension 3000*790*1550mm
Weight 750kg

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