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Vertical Automatic Shampoo Sachet Filling Packing Machine

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

Application Of Automatic Shampoo Sachet Packing Machine

Automatic shampoo sachet packing machine is a perfect filling machine. This filling machine can complete the filling, sealing, cutting and forming operations at the same time. The packaging materials can use various composite packaging materials and are widely used in different life fields.

Shampoo filling machine is suitable for packaging liquid or semi-liquid with certain fluidity and viscosity, such as shampoo, broad bean sauce, vinegar and other products.

 Automatic Shampoo Sachet Packing Machine

Features Of Automatic Shampoo Sachet Packing Machine

1. The machine adopts 201 stainless steel material, and 304 for the parts in contact with stainless steel material, the material has good corrosion resistant effect, can not only ensure the product clean and health, and can greatly prolong the service life of the machine.

2.The machine adopts imported PLC control system, which is equipped with Chinese and English touch screens. The operator can operate directly on the touch screen, which is convenient and fast. And can monitor the production process at any time.

3. This machine can automatically complete measurement, filling, sealing, cutting, printing and other operations, which can effectively reduce production time.

4. It is equipped with color system controller, which can easily get the complete trademark and has good anti-counterfeiting effect.

5. Shampoo filling machine adopts the stepper motor control system. It is convenient and quick to change the product without adjusting other parts.

6. The control system of the machine can automatically choose the best mode to match all operating procedures, so as to ensure the best packaging effect and packaging speed.

7. The packaging performance of the machine is good, and the operation noise is low, and the sealing performance of the packaging products is good.

8. Automatic shampoo sachet packing machine can be applied to a variety of packaging materials, all kinds of complex film, tin foil and other packaging materials can be used.

  Automatic Shampoo Sachet Packing Machine For Sale
About Automatic Shampoo Sachet Packing Machine Company

Our factory has an excellent team of engineers and a lot of practical experience in operation of shampoo filling machine. They can provide machine design more in line with the customer's products and guarantee the machine's operability to the maximum extent.

 The factory also has an excellent design team, and the designers of the design team have a lot of experience in machine design. They can also provide customized machines to customers according to their requirements.

 In order to make our products can continue to the attention of the customer's customer, the machine before delivery, our professional staff will check carefully and debugging every machine, to ensure the high quality of our machines.
Excellent products are the soul of the factory. Our factory is always optimizing our products and making every customer satisfied. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you.
Technical Data
Model LG-300
Packing Speed 40-80 bags/min
Bag Size L:40-140mm
W: 20-120mm
Power 1.8 kw/220 v
Packing Film 0.035-0.07mm
Measure Range 10-100ML
Dia. of Rolling Paper Less than 400 mm
Weight 350 kg
Size 780*920*1680mm

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