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Automatic Heat Seal Shrink Wrap Machine For Sale

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

Description Of Heat Seal Shrink Wrap Machine

With advanced technology, the machine has stable function in packaging and low price for sale, automatic shrink wrap machine is widely used to pack whole cases of mineral spring water bottles, juice bottles, milk bottles and other products. PE film shrinkage packaging technology is adopted to perfect the packaging of goods.

The whole production process of the machine adopts foreign advanced technology. The main parts are products of famous international companies, which can greatly improve the performance of the machine and ensure its long-term stability.

Heat Seal Shrink Wrap Machine

Advantages Of Heat Seal Shrink Wrap Machine

1. Automatic shrink wrap machine is equipped with imported electrical components from abroad, which can effectively guarantee the temperature of the machine performance and, to a certain extent, extend the service life of the machine.
2. The stainless steel heating element adopted by the machine can realize rapid heating and effectively improve production efficiency.
3. The machine adopts imported heat insulation curtain, which can greatly reduce the loss caused by heat loss, save electricity and save production cost.
4. The machine is equipped with large power fan motor to ensure the wind force during operation.
5. Heat seal shrink wrap machine system is easy to operate, and only one operator is required to complete a series of operations, which can save the company's labor force and facilitate the work.
6. This machine can adjust the conveying speed and indoor temperature. The machine can adjust the speed and temperature according to the size and output of the packaging products to ensure the best shrinkage effect.
7. The machine can use a variety of packaging film, such as PVC, PET and POF film, to seal the product on the machine.
8. Automatic shrink wrap machine adopts solid roller conveyor, and the conveyor adopts anti-high temperature silicon pipe to withstand heavy objects.
9. The transmission speed and packaging speed of the machine are very fast, which greatly improves the packaging efficiency of bulk products.

Heat Seal Shrink Wrap Machine For Sale
Since the establishment of our company has been committed to the development and production of our machines, our company has many years of production experience. With the support of our powerful r&d department, the design and operation of heat seal shrink wrap machine are more humanized and easier to operate.
Automatic shrink wrap machine are equipped with imported PLC intelligent control system, the system performance of the system is very powerful, it can make the machine run much easier and more saving production time and the production cost, can effectively achieve the customer profit maximization.
After-sales Service Of Heat Seal Shrink Wrap Machine

Our company has established a professional after-sales service department, and our after-sales service enjoys a high reputation among customers. Our after-sales service team can provide each of our customers with customized services for their products.

Our machines are of high quality, low price for sale and excellent after-sales service. Our machines are your ideal choice.
Technical Data
                  Sealing and Cutting Machine
Model LGQL-5538 Power 1.6kw,220V/50HZ,
Max Packing Size 450*270*330mm
Packing speed 0----8 pcs/min Pressure 5kg/square
Dimension 1020*830*1500mm Weight 170KG

                 Heat shrinking Machine
Model LGBS-6040 Heating power 22KW
Max Size of Packing chamber 600*400*1500mm
Dimension 2500*850*1400mm Weight 1200*450*250

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