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Industrial High Speed Pallet Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine For Bottle

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

High speed shrink wrapping machine is widely used in thermal shrink packaging of printing products, beverage, bottles and other products. The operation of the machine is very simple, the machine only needs one operator to complete all the packaging process, the operation is simple and quick, and the price of pallet shrink wrapping machine is very appropriate.

The packaging speed of plastic wrapping machine for bottles is also very fast, which can effectively improve the production efficiency of the factory. We have a lot of experience in the production of heat-shrinkable machines in our company. In the past ten years, our machines have been well received by our customers.
High Speed Shrink Wrapping Machine

Features Of High Speed Shrink Wrapping Machine

1. Pallet shrink wrapping machine has a powerful cooling system, which allows the packaging design after heat sealing to take shape quickly.
2. The machine is equipped with hot seal cutting system, which adopts pneumatic structure with high working power and stable machine performance.
3. Inductance switch is adopted to control the length of the film. In addition, the machine is equipped with touch screen and PLC control system, these advanced equipment functions can ensure working efficiency.
4. Plastic wrapping machine for bottles adopts circular fan, and the temperature of shrinkage furnace is even.
5. Pallet shrink wrapping machine is equipped with devices that meet the requirements of short time storage of products, which can effectively ensure the continuous work of the production line.
6. The machine is equipped with transport network, which can make transportation more stable and suitable for high-strength transportation.
7. High speed shrink wrapping machine adopts the wing stainless steel heating system to make the temperature control more durable.
8. The height of the conveyor belt of the machine can be adjusted according to the user's requirements, and the adjustment is very convenient.

High Speed Shrink Wrapping Machine For Sale
Plastic wrapping machine for bottles is specially designed to pack some bulk goods. The machine can automatically complete material transfer and arrangement, film packaging, cutting, shrinkage, cooling and molding. The machine has very stable performance. And the machine uses heat insulation treatment equipment, can quickly heat up. The packaged products have obvious advantages of convenient storage and transportation.
After-sales Service Of High Speed Shrink Wrapping Machine

Pallet shrink wrapping machine are all professional heat-shrinkable packaging machines, our machines are first-rate, and our service is first-rate. All our machines have a warranty period. During the warranty period, if the customer has any questions, please contact us at any time. Our staff will provide you with quality service.
This is a thermal shrinkable packaging machine worth purchasing. I believe our machine will bring you a different experience.
Technical Data
                  Sealing and Cutting Machine
Model LGQL-5538 Power 1.6kw,220V/50HZ,
Max Packing Size 450*270*330mm
Packing speed 0----8 pcs/min Pressure 5kg/square
Dimension 1020*830*1500mm Weight 170KG

                 Heat shrinking Machine
Model LGBS-6040 Heating power 22KW
Max Size of Packing chamber 600*400*1500mm
Dimension 2500*850*1400mm Weight 1200*450*250

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