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Do You Know What Is Shrink Packing?


Now there are many packaging techniques, thermal shrink packing is the more popular packaging methods in the market. But do you know what is shrink packing? The shrink wrap is wrapped around the outside of the product. After heating, the shrink wrap can be wrapped tightly around the product. This kind of package can fully show the appearance of the product, increase the beauty and make the product more convenient to sell.
Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine
At the same time, the packaged products have a very good seal, pollution prevention, moisture-proof role. In addition, this kind of packing has certain buffer, also can protect the commodity from the impact. Especially when packaging glass and other fragile products, it can effectively prevent the utensils when broken, debris flying. In addition, this kind of packing can reduce the possibility of the product being unpacked and stolen, and make the product safer.
Shrink packing is often done using a heat shrink packing machine. By applying heat to various packaging materials, a heat shrinking machine causes the material to contract tightly over anything covered. So as to achieve shrink packing effect. A shrinking film may shrink in one direction (one or two directions) or in two directions (both directions).As the temperature rises, the membrane is stretched, changing the molecule from a random pattern to a localized pattern. Before orientation, the molecules are randomly entangled, like a bowl of pasta. The molecules are coiled, there's no particular arrangement. However, when a force is applied, the molecules are straightened and aligned with the direction of the force. With proper cooling, these molecules will be frozen in this state. As long as it's cold enough, this molecule will stay in this state.
 Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine Samples
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