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What Is Volumetric Filling Machine Principle?


What is the volumetric filling machine principle? This bottle filling machine is the use of volumetric metering to control the filling volume by adjusting the plunger volume, the front end of the feeding port is equipped with a feeding pump or a raw material storage tank to send materials from the tank to the filling machine by means of pressure. Before the filling, a filtering device can be added to remove impurities to ensure product quality; the reciprocating movement of the piston enables rapid filling. This is the principle of volumetric filling machine.
volumetric filling machine
Working process:
The feed valve is opened, the discharge valve is closed, the piston rod is pumped back, and the material is pumped from the raw material tank into the piston cavity; the feeding valve is closed, the discharging valve is opened, the piston rod is pushed forward, and the material is sent from the piston cavity to the container, and works back and forth.
1.The filling head can use single or double head, piston type work, high filling speed, saving costs and reducing the work pressure of workers.
2.The foot switch operation is convenient and practical, and can be completed by one person.
3.Pneumatic control, in line with explosion-proof requirements; filling and feeding are connected by pipelines, which is clean and hygienic with less volatility.
4.Suitable for filling round, square, flat and various caliber containers.
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