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How To Package Coffee?


How to Package coffee? In the past, it was a very complicated process, but now, packaging coffee is very simple, you just need a automatic drip coffee bag packing machine.
How to package coffee?
As coffee is small and non-uniform, it is delivered by screw, without intermediate feeding mechanism, and the measurement is accurate. The machine integrates machine, electricity, light and instrument, and is controlled by single chip microcomputer.
 Drip Coffee Packing Machine Packing Sample
How to packing machine to be safe?
1. The capacity of the hopper should be understood before starting the machine, and the machine should be started after feeding to the specified level.
2. Check whether there is leakage or material leakage in the air passage pipe before starting up, observe the pressure gauge in the air passage and wait until the air pressure reaches the set pressure before starting up.
3. Before starting up, you should observe the surrounding environment and remove all obstacles.
4. The operation should be idled several times, observe the operation, and then start packing.
5. In order to ensure the weight of finished products to meet the standards, the finished products shall be inspected and checked in the specified time.
 Automatic Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine
How to maintain packing machine?
1. Lubrication work. Its gear mesh, bearing oil holes and various moving parts to be lubricated regularly, the reducer is strictly prohibited to operate without oil. When filling lubricating oil, be careful not to pour oil on the rotating belt to prevent slipping.
2. Cleaning work. After the machine stops, clean the metering part in time and clean the heat seal body frequently, so as to ensure that packaging finished product seal lines are clear, the scattered materials should be cleaned in time to better extend their service life, at the same time, clean the dust in the electric cabinet frequently to prevent short circuit or bad contact and other electrical faults.
3. Maintenance. Before using the packing machine, check the screws in all parts of the machine, otherwise, it will affect the normal far turn of the machine. Attention should be paid to waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion work for electrical parts, to ensure the cleanliness of the electrical control box and terminal, to prevent electrical fault.