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How Does A Chamber Vacuum Sealer Work?


Vacuum packaging machine is a new type of machine, it can not only make the packaging more exquisite, but also can effectively protect the packaging products. Our company also developed chamber vacuum packaging machine, and was warmly welcomed by customers. Do you want know how does a chamber vacuum sealer work?

The mechanism of the machine is not complicated at all. We all know that food spoilage is mainly caused by the activities of microorganisms, and oxygen is necessary for the survival of most microorganisms. And the vacuum packaging is mainly with the removal of oxygen to prevent food spoilage. When chamber vacuum sealer works, it will take out the oxygen in the packaging bags and food cells. Without oxygen, microbes cannot survive. The experiment proves: when the oxygen concentration in the packaging bag is less than 1%, the growth and propagation speed of the microorganism drops sharply. When oxygen concentration is less than or equal to 0.5%, most microbes will be inhibited and stop breeding.
Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine
Main Advantages Of Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

1. Easy-to-operate control system: the machine adopts PC control panel, which is very convenient to operate. Besides, it can provide users with a variety of optional control modes, which greatly helps to improve the utilization rate of the machine and plays an important role in reducing the production cost of the enterprise.
2. Customized services: the machine can customize electrical equipment and plugs according to customers' requirements, meet different packaging requirements of different products, and truly realize multiple use of the machine.
3. Materials: this machine is mainly made of stainless steel, which is beautiful in appearance, safe and hygienic, not easy to get dirty and easy to clean.
4. Excellent sealing performance: the vacuum chamber sealing cover of the machine is made of high-density materials, with perfect sealing performance, which ensures the sealing performance of the machine in daily work. In addition, the compression and abrasion resistance of the material effectively lengthens the service life of the machine, reduces the replacement frequency of sealing cover, and effectively saves the production cost.
Knowing how does a chamber vacuum sealer work makes it more comfortable to use it. Our machine adopts advanced system to optimize the operation experience of the machine and make customers more satisfied. The machine has been sold well at home and abroad, and the old customers have been praised and the new customers have been increasing. We attach great importance to customer feedback and improve the machine from it.
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