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How To Cellophane Wrap A Box?


When you buy a boxed product wrapped with cellophane, you may ask how to cellophane wrap a box? So that the boxes are so beautiful.
Normally, these boxes are wrapped by automatic cellophane wrapping machine. But how to cellophane wrap a box by the machine? There are four main steps:
1. Install packaging film
2. Put the box to be packed at the entrance
3. Turn on the machine switch, and then the machine will finish the packaging automatically.
4. Collect finished products.
 How To Cellophane Wrap A Box
The method of using the machine packaging box is very simple, but before using it, you should pay attention to the following things, otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the machine.
1. Carefully read the operation manual before use, and strictly follow the operation instructions.
2. Before starting the machine, lubricate the parts with relative movement. Check the hot sealing part, working table, cutting mechanism and other parts for sundries. Organize and clean the articles and tools around the machine; Clean machine operating table.
3. Turn on the power switch and check whether the power signal, man-machine interface and control panel are displayed normally. Check start, stop, emergency stop button whether normal.
4. Check whether the man-machine interface parameters meet the process requirements.
 Automatic Industrial Cellophane Wrapping Machine
1. After each using, the residual packaging materials of the hot sealing parts should be removed, and the residues of packaging materials of the punching mechanism and the easily torn punching parts should be removed.
2. Check the gear and bearing in each part of the system monthly and add lubricating oil.
3. Check the tension and wear of the synchronous belt and conveyor belt of transmission components every month, adjust or replace them if necessary.
4. Regularly check whether the electrical line is fixed or connected with loose and exposed; Check electrical components for normal heating.
5. Regularly arrange the inspection and maintenance of motor bearing and motor coil insulation.
6. Check and calibrate the temperature controller regularly, and make relevant records.
After our introduction, you may know how to cellophane wrap a box, and only proper use and maintenance of the machine can wrap box beautiful.