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Sold Tea Bag Packaging Machine To USA


Today we sold tea bag packaging machine to USA again. We are a supplier of small tea bag packing machine. Our machines are sold all over the world, and the feedback from customers around the world is very good, especially in USA, our customer satisfaction is very high and the orders are very large. This tea bag packing machine are popular with USA customers.

Sold Tea Bag Packaging Machine To USA

We are a machine supplier, our company is in China, and our factory is in China. We welcome customers to visit our factory and check our machines to see if our machines can meet their needs. Our machines are sold in many countries and the USA is our main market. Machines are not only sold well in the USA but also highly valued. We have been improving our machines to meet international standards and customer requirements.

Introduction Of Small Tea Bag Packing Machine

1.The machine has passed the inspection of professional personnel when it leaves the factory, which can ensure that all the indicators of the machine meet the national health and safety standards and become safer.

2.This machine is equipped with self-testing system, which can automatically detect the problems of the product, ensure the qualified rate of the product and reduce the waste of raw materials.

3.Machine is an automatic machine, which can complete a series of packaging process automatically. It can effectively reduce the steps of manual operation and improve the efficiency of machine production.

4.The machine is made of imported 304 stainless steel material, with beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning and easy maintenance.


5.The computer operating system adopted by the machine makes the operation more convenient and improves the production efficiency effectively.

6.This machine adopts sensitive control system, which can control the cutting point and package size accurately, making the product more beautiful.
Tea bag packaging machine is mainly sold overseas, especially in USA, where many of our customers are from. We believe that our machines will make our customers more satisfied. Our company welcomes domestic and foreign customers to visit our factory.
 If you are interested in our machines, your enquiry is welcome.