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Types Of Biscuit Packing


As a supermarket lover, you must have seen many different kinds of biscuit. Biscuit have different brands, different flavors, and so many different types of biscuit packing. Do you know biscuit packaging types? In fact, there are many different types of biscuit packaging. The most common packaging types in daily life are paper box packaging, plastic bags sealing packaging, iron box packaging and waxed paper packaging.

1. Paper Box Food Packaging For Biscuits
Paper box packaging is the most common way to pack biscuits, there are rectangular, square and other boxes.Its packaging materials are white board paper, plywood paper and so on. When wrapping in a cardboard box, the biscuits are first packaged in film and then wrapped paper box in wax paper or film.
Paper is cheap, fragile and portable. Paper packaging materials have good packaging strength, strong pressure resistance, beautiful and generous, moisture-proof, shading, and good sales characteristics. In addition, paper products can be recycled without polluting the environment.

Automatic Biscuit Packaging Machine

2. The Biscuits Are Packaged In Plastic Bags
Plastic bags for biscuits are also common in sealed packages. Due to the irreplaceable advantages of plastic packaging materials such as performance, price and freight, more and more traditional packaging materials are replaced by plastic packaging. Plastic bag is a good moisture-proof packaging material, which is used most in biscuit packaging. There are two main ways to do this: one is to bulk. The biscuits that are to be measured are poured into the bag together and sealed with heat. The other is to put a certain amount of biscuits, arranged in a neat line, and then wrap the package to seal.
The main features of plastic packaging are good sealing, easy to shape, simple packaging, convenient sales and transportation.

3. Iron Box Packaging For Biscuits
Iron box packaging is a box of biscuits made of colored tinplate. The iron box has square, rectangle, cylinder, oval and other different shapes. When packaging, the iron box can be processed into various trough shaped trays with plastic, which can make the biscuits in the box orderly and not easy to break. This kind of packing has the best sealing, high packing strength, bright appearance, generous, excellent shading and durability, but the disadvantage is that it needs a lot of space to store empty boxes. As a result, iron boxes are now used only for large packages, expensive types and gift packages.

4. Wax Paper Packaging For Biscuits
Wax-paper packaging is the easiest way to packbiscuits, as long as the biscuits are measured and arranged neatly, with wax-paper packaging seal. This method shade, moisture-proof, low cost.
Different packaging types require different packaging machines. Our company's automatic biscuit packaging machine can well seal the biscuits in plastic bags. Automatic biscuit packaging machine is now the most popular machine, both domestic and foreign markets have a good response.
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