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Types Of Milk Powder Packaging Material


Drinking more milk can promote people's health. It is better for old people and children to drink more milk. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard day by day, the dairy industry has shown a vigorous development momentum, among which the consumption of high-quality and nutritious milk powder is increasing day by day. In line with this, the types of milk powder packaging material have also been very large. There are two main types of milk powder packaging material on the market: metal cans and composite soft packaging.

1. Tin Packaging Materials

Tinned milk powder is mainly made of metal. Metal can packaging has a good moisture-proof performance, pressure resistance is also very strong, not deformation, easy to sell and transport.This kind of canned milk powder is very common in the market and is the main packaging material for infant milk powder.

Milk Powder Packing Machine

2. Composite Soft Packaging Materials

When it comes to the quality requirements of milk powder on packaging materials, in addition to the appearance of printing quality requirements, mainly moisture-proof, oxidation, light, no odor. In order to meet these requirements, soft packaging enterprises should carefully select each layer of materials and strictly follow the process requirements to ensure its performance meets the requirements.

According to the above quality requirements, the following structures are commonly used in the compound soft packaging of milk powder: printing layer, barrier layer and heat seal layer.

PET or BOPP films are commonly used in the printing layer. The high transparency, high gloss properties of this material can well reflect the exquisite printing patterns.
Barrier layer is the main functional layer in the structure, usually made of aluminum foil or VMPET film. This material has excellent properties of blocking water vapor, oxygen and light, which can meet the requirements of milk powder for blocking the packaging materials.
The heat seal layer is usually made of PE film, which can seal the package at the specified temperature to ensure the sealing of the bag.

Common Material Structure Of Milk Powder Compound Soft Packaging
1. The PET/AL/PE
Different packaging materials will have different packaging effects. The choice of packaging materials is very important for the products. Our company's milk powder packing machine can use composite soft packaging materials to make a good packaging of milk powder. The machine uses many exact systems.
Main Advantages Of Milk Powder Packing Machine
1. This machine is applicable to all kinds of packaging materials and can meet the special requirements of customers for packaging materials. It is the best choice for the food packaging industry.
2. Simplified system makes operation easier. The machine adopts simple system control, which makes the operation more simple, saves the production time, and effectively improves the production efficiency.
3. The machine is also equipped with touch screen control, which can greatly improve the control precision, and the touch screen control is simple and convenient, which can effectively control the operation process of the machine.
4. Various advanced systems. The machine adopts high precision automatic image transmission system, advanced automatic positioning, digital temperature control and photoelectric tracking system, which makes the control of the machine more sensitive and efficient. The use of a variety of advanced systems, in a certain degree to improve the level of packaging equipment, so that packaging products beautiful and generous.

There are many kinds of milk powder packaging material, and the packaging requirements of customers are also different. However, our machines can be used in many kinds of milk powder packaging material. The advanced technology ensure the first place of this machine in packaging industry. I wonder if you are interested in our machines. If you are interested in our machines, welcome to consult us.