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Types Of Packaging Materials For Fruits And Vegetables


Now, more and more fruits and vegetables are sold on the market after being packaged. As consumers demand more and more packaging, more and more types of packaging materials for fruits and vegetables are used. The fresh vegetable packaging machine developed by our company and can use many types of packaging materials for fruits and vegetables, which can meet different requirements of customers. The use of foreign advanced technology and unique design enable our machines to use more packaging materials. The sales volume of the machine is very high both at home and abroad.
Our company attaches great importance to customer feedback and is good at learning from it. Our machine was transformed after listening to a lot of feedback. It has to be said that after the modification of the machine, the operation is more smooth, and the use time of the machine has also been greatly improved. The design of the machine is more novel and meets the requirements of most customers. The machines have been sold well both at home and abroad.
Fresh Vegetable Packaging Machine
 Main Advantages Of Fresh Vegetable Packaging Machine

1.Double matsushita converter and PLC controller double motor device make the control more flexible and sensitive. The use of these two systems enables faster packaging.
2.The machine has powerful self - diagnostic procedures and high safety factor. When improper operation or other errors occur, the machine can stop the operation automatically and issue an alarm automatically to ensure the maximum safety of the operator.
3.When cutting the packaging bag, the machine can stay at the selected position, so that the film does not stick to the knife, saving packaging materials.
4.The machine adopts man-machine dual interface control system, the parameter setting is convenient and fast, and the production time can be greatly saved.
5.The high sensitivity optical electronic color display mark tracking system can automatically track the package, making the sealing and cutting more accurate and the packaging effect more beautiful.
6.Independent temperature control system, which can make the machine widely used in various packaging materials, has a very machine role in increasing the utilization rate of the machine.
7.All the procedures of the machine are controlled by the system.
8.The routine maintenance is very simple. The operator can finish the maintenance according to the instruction. In addition, the company can also provide a full range of after-sales services for customers to solve problems.

When packaging fruits and vegetables, different customers will have different requirements for packaging materials. Our machines can use many types of packaging materials for fruits and vegetables. It can meet the maximum packaging requirements of customers. The machine is excellent in performance and the price is very reasonable.
I wonder if you are interested in our machines. If you are interested in our machines, please send us your requirements. Looking forward to your reply.