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Pillow Type Sliced Cheese Packaging Machine

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

Pillow type sliced cheese packaging machine is a professional packaging equipment. It is widely used in bread, hamburger, moon cakes, pastries, egg yolk pie, Portuguese egg tart, cookies, caramel treats and other baked goods.
Our company's product cheese slice packaging machine in absorbing foreign advanced technology and rich experience in the birth of the high-speed automatic packing machine, this technology has reached international advanced level of the packaging machine. This cheese slice packaging machine has the remarkable characteristics of fast packaging speed, low scrap rate, labor saving and high efficiency.
Sliced Cheese Packaging Machine
Features Of Sliced Cheese Packaging Machine
1. The main control circuit of cheese slice packaging machine adopts the slicing equipment developed by our company. All data can be displayed by touch screen and controlled by the inverter system. The perfect visual automatic system makes the operation more concentrated and convenient.
2. Cheese packaging machine is a automatic packaging machine, the length and width of the bag are automatic detection of equipment and setting, the operation more convenient, reduce the influence of artificial factors on the machine.
3. The dual-frequency converter is adopted to simplify the mechanical structure system, with little vibration, little wear, long service life and easy maintenance.
4. Cheese slice packaging machine adopts a dual-frequency converter system, which can control both the packaging speed and the packaging bag length. The machine is equipped with stepless speed and width adjustment range, which can make the machine match the original working procedure.
5. Independent temperature control system is adopted for each sealing part of cheese packaging machine, making it more widely used and applicable to all kinds of flexible packaging materials.
6. The built-in highly sensitive electric eyes of the machine can automatically, accurately and sensitively track objects, making the packaging more suitable and beautiful.
7. During the use of sliced cheese packaging machine, the intermittent inflating device and alcohol spraying device can be installed on the machine, which can make the product safer.
Auto Sliced Cheese Packaging Machine
After-sales Service About Sliced Cheese Packaging Machine
The company has an after-sales service department, which makes it easy for users to get instructions on equipment operation when they encounter failures. In addition, our company provides two kinds of after-sales services, telephone consultation and on-site maintenance, for users' problems in using the equipment.

Our cheese slice packaging machine has a warranty. If there is any problem with the machine during the warranty period, it is just like the part is broken. You only need to send back the damaged part, and we will send you the new part as soon as possible. If there are some problems that the customer cannot solve, our company will arrange our after-sales service department to solve them at home. Most importantly, the company can provide different after-sales services according to different types of products and different needs of customers.
If you are interested in our machines, we look forward to your inquiry.
Technical Data
(Model) LG-280
Width Of Packing Film Max.280mm
Length Of Bags 90- or 150-330mm
Width Of Bag 50-140mm
Product Height Max.40mm
Film Roll Diameter Max.280mm
Packaging Speed 50-250bag/min
Voltage Specification 220V/50HZ
Power Source Specification 2.5kw
Machine Dimensions (L)4000×(W)950×(H)1450mm
Machine Weight 650Kg
Note Can match inflatable,code device

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