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Hand Operated Sesame Paste Filling Machine Price

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

Hand operated paste filling machine is an ideal filling machine with excellent quality, fast operation and reasonable price. Sesame paste filling machine adopts foreign advanced technology. After many learning and improvement by our company team, this machine has been praised by customers since it was launched on the market.

This machine is mainly used in daily food, medicine, chemical products, such as sesame paste, peanut butter and other viscous liquid filling.
Hand Operated Paste Filling Machine
Features Of Sesame Paste Filling Machine
1. Hand operated paste filling machine can realize a series of filling procedures such as automatic filling, sealing and batch printing. The device can realize rapid operation of packaging and unloading, and can effectively improve production efficiency.
2. Our machine is completely made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion of various substances and has a long service life.
3. Sesame paste filling machine is simple in structure, smooth in operation, convenient for daily operation of operators, and can effectively save labor costs of the factory. And machine maintenance is very convenient. Our machines have a low failure rate and enjoy a perfect reputation among our customers. The machine has a long service life, and we will provide good after-sale service. If the machine is in use, you can call our company at any time. Our company will provide you with solutions
4.Hand operated paste filling machine is quiet and suitable for large-scale use in the factory. Moreover, this machine adopts manual inserting pipe system, which can make the product accurate positioning and effectively reduce the defective rate.
 Hand Operated Paste Filling Machine For Sale
Advantages Of Hand Operated Paste Filling Machine Company
1. The company has a professional designer team, and there are many experienced professional designers in the team. Our team can provide customized machine design for your products according to your requirements.
2. We also have a professional team of engineers who can provide easy-to-operate machine design. They will also be more customer-oriented, providing professional after-sales service to ensure the correct use of the machine.
3. Our professionals have many years of experience in machine production. They can make high quality and low price machines for your products.
4. We provide perfect after-sales service for every customer. As long as the customer has any problem with the machine, we can provide help for the normal operation of the machine.
5. Before each machine leaves the factory, we will carefully check, run and debug the machine to ensure the high quality of our machine and keep the customer satisfied with the machine. Therefore, our company enjoys a high reputation among our customers.
We are the best proof of our company's reputation. We sincerely welcome your inquiry.
Technical Data
Model LGYG-1 LGYG-2
Filling Speed 10-40
Voltage 220/110v
Gas Pressure 0.4-0.6MPa 0.4-0.6MPa
Filling Range 50-500ml 100-1000ml

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