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1KG Rice Weighing And Packaging Machine For Sale

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

Description Of Rice Weighing And Packaging Machine

1kg rice packing machine is mainly composed of rotating packaging machine, combined scale, conveyor and working platform. The machine adopts foreign advanced technology and parts, which makes the machine of high quality, high efficiency, low price for sale and is very popular among customers.

 Rice weighing and packaging machine is suitable for packaging various granular objects, such as rice, peanuts, sweets, nuts, raisins, melon seeds, chips, chocolate, biscuits, etc. The appearance of the packaged products is exquisite, which can greatly improve the product class and increase the company's profits.

Rice Weighing And Packaging Machine

Main Features Of Rice Weighing And Packaging Machine

1. 1kg rice packing machine is equipped with a screen display, and the words displayed can be set according to the requirements of customers in different countries, so that operators can operate the machine.

2.The PLC control system can clearly display the working state and current operation of the machine. Moreover, the control system provides a stable working procedure to ensure the rapid and stable operation of the machine.

3. Rice weighing and packaging machine adopts intelligent thermostat system, which can control the temperature accurately, control the temperature to an optimal degree, and ensure the packaging effect.

4. 1kg rice packing machine can remember a variety of processing operations, which is suitable for the replacement of various product packages. The replacement is quick and the use time is small, which can effectively save the production time.

5. Rice weighing and packaging machine can provide various operation modes to match the packaging materials of the products. Customers can use special sealing devices to match the materials to make the packaging more exquisite and achieve the best packaging effect.

6. 1kg rice packing machine can realize a variety of sealing styles, with horizontal stripes, straight lines, twill, and net lines, etc., which can ensure the customization of customers' products.

7. The design of the machine is humanized. Our design can design different stamping shapes for customers to meet their packaging needs.

Rice Weighing And Packaging Machine For Sale
After-sales Service For Rice Weighing And Packaging Machine

Our company has always attached great importance to the after-sales service of 1kg rice packing machine. We have a professional after-sales service department. The after-sales service staff are all machine designers with many years of working experience. They will provide professional after-sales service to our customers according to different machine structures.

Our after-sales service is welcomed by our customers. Our after-sales service personnel can communicate with customers in English, which can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of our service. The customer can contact us at any time when using the machine, we will provide you with reliable service.

All our staff welcome you to buy our machines.
Technical Data
Packing weight 50-1000g
Packing Speed 1200-2000bags/hour
Accuracy ±1%
Power 750W
Dimension 1250*910*2100(mm)
Weight 180kg

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