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Commercial Small Food Packaging Machine

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

Commercial food packaging machine is an automatic machine developed by our company, which adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, has a long life and low price. It is the first choice in the food packaging industry.

The measuring system adopted by the machine is a multi-head combined weighing system with high precision. Small food packaging machine is suitable for snacks, chips, cookies and small particles, such as sugar, beans, rice, coffee beans, etc.

Commercial Small Food Packaging Machine
Main Advantages Of Commercial Food Packaging Machine

1. Small food packaging machine used by the machine is all imported equipment with high precision, high efficiency and long service life, and it can be packed without damaging raw materials.
2.The machine is a kind of high quality, high performance and low price automatic packaging machine produced by our company in combination with the advanced technology at home and abroad.
3. Small food packaging machine adopts more humanized design to make it easier to operate. It can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity. Moreover, the packaged products are more exquisite, which can effectively improve the level of products, and is the best choice for the food packaging industry.
4.This machine adopts high precision control system to control the operation of the machine, and combines advanced automatic positioning, photoelectric tracking, digital temperature and other control systems to achieve perfect man-machine operation, which makes the operation more convenient and fast. Save factory production costs.
5. Commercial food packaging machine adapt to a variety of packaging materials, a variety of packaging materials for the customer's product packaging, customers can choose polyethylene, aluminum, polyester, pp and other thermal packaging materials according to the desired packaging effect, to achieve the most ideal packaging effect.
6. The machine can realize a variety of packaging styles, and the machine can accept customers' private customization.
7.The Chinese and English touch screen equipment of the machine can make the operation more intuitive and simple, easy for operators to operate.
8. Low noise and quiet working environment during machine operation, suitable for large area use.
9. Commercial food packaging machine adopts computer and control system, which can make the operation process more stable.

Commercial Small Food Packaging Machine For Sale

After - sales Service For Commercial Food Packaging Machine

our company will provide different after - sales service for different machines. The after-sales service of our machines is customized according to the parts, design and production process of the machines. Customized after-sales service can make our after-sales service more professional, make our machines last longer, and maximize the profits of customers.

In the process of using small food packaging machine, customers can consult us at any time if they have any questions. Our after-sales staff will provide you with the simplest and most efficient solution.

Considerate service will make our customers feel warm and we will try our best to meet their needs. Looking forward to your inquiry.
Technical Data
Model LGTCLB-420
Film Width Max 420mm
Bags Length 80-300mm
Bags Width 60-200mm
Roll Film Diameter Max 320mm
Packing Speed 5-60 Bags/Minute
Weighting Range 150-1500ml
Film Thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Voltage 220V,50Hz/60Hz
Power 2.2Kw
Machine Dimension 1217*1050*1343mm
Machine Weight 650Kg

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