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Automatic Plantain Chips Sealing Packaging Machine

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

Plantain chips packaging machine is carefully designed by our engineers. It combines the advanced functional design at home and abroad, and has the best operation experience and long service life. The design of the machine is always in accordance with the centralized hygiene standards to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the packaging products of the machine.
Plantain chips sealing machine is suitable for packaging solid and granular materials, such as potato chips, jelly, sweets, apple chips, dumplings, cookies, dried fruit, melon seeds, nuts, medical materials, quick-frozen food, etc.

 Plantain Chips Sealing Packaging Machine

Feathers Of Plantain Chips Packaging Machine
1.The error indicating system of this machine is very sensitive, which can help to find and deal with the fault quickly, reduce the loss of the customer due to the fault, and maximize the customer's benefits.

2. Plantain chips sealing machine has been tested in all aspects at the time of delivery to ensure that it meets the requirements of international safe production, to ensure the hygiene of packaging products and to avoid unnecessary loss of customers.

3. Plantain chips packaging machine adopts PLC control system, pneumatic control system and super touch screen to form the drive control center, can maximize the whole machine's control precision and intelligent degree, make the machine operation is more sensitive, more intelligent.

4.This machine adopts intelligent temperature control system, which makes the temperature control more accurate. Accurate temperature can ensure beautiful packaging and increase the added value of products.

5. Plantain chips packaging machine can provide customized services, according to the different requirements of customers, the machine can be cut and different specification for bags sealing, can achieve a variety of applications of machine, reduce the production cost of enterprises.

6. Plantain chips sealing machine can automatically complete all packaging processes including loading, measuring, bag-making, sealing and printing.

7.The machine's memory system can store different technical parameters of various products. When the customer needs product replacement, the new product can be packaged without resetting any equipment.
 Plantain Chips Sealing Packaging Machine For Sale 
After-sales Services About Plantain Chips Packaging Machine

Plantain chips sealing machine have video and pictures on the Internet. You can find out whether our machines are suitable for your products by checking these materials.For our customers, our after-sales service department will provide free troubleshooting solutions.

If there are any problems in use process, and unable to find a solution and customers, we support the phone call, email, online or face-to-face service, to ensure rapid problem solving.
Technical Data
Model LGTCLB-420
Film Width Max 420mm
Bags Length 80-300mm
Bags Width 60-200mm
Roll Film Diameter Max 320mm
Packing Speed 5-60 Bags/Minute
Weighting Range 150-1500ml
Film Thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Voltage 220V,50Hz/60Hz
Power 2.2Kw
Machine Dimension 1217*1050*1343mm
Machine Weight 650Kg

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