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1 kg Washing Powder Pouch Packing Machine For Sale

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

Description Of Washing Powder Packing Machine

1,Washing powder packing machine are equipped with a measuring system is long combination scale, effectively improve the measurement precision, applicable to wash protect, snacks, potato chips, cookies and small particles, such as washing powder, sugar, rice, beans, coffee beans and so on.

2,This machine adopts high precision automatic image transmission system, and independently researches and develops advanced automatic positioning, photoelectric tracking, digital temperature control and other systems. Moreover, the machine is a touchable man-machine interface control, which greatly improves the control precision.

3,1 kg pouch packing machine is a kind of high quality automatic packaging machine that our company introduces foreign advanced technology and improves and produces. It can realize automatic feeding, bag-making, measuring, filling, deviation estimation, sealing, date printing, batch number printing, and output a series of

.Washing Powder Packing Machine

4, Easier and perfect operation. Washing powder packing machine adopts simple system control and simplifies system installation, which can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and save labor cost. In addition, it can improve the level of packaging equipment to a certain extent. This machine is the first choice in the food packaging industry.

5, Various packaging materials can meet customers' different requirements for packaging materials. The packaging materials can be polyethylene, polyester, pp and other heat-sealing packaging materials.
Features Of Washing Powder Pouch Packing Machine:

1. washing powder packing machine is equipped with two touch screen displays in Chinese and English, which is convenient for operators to operate directly.
2. The machine is equipped with horizontal and vertical sealing temperature control system, which is suitable for various composite film and other packaging materials.
3. PLC computer control system is the main control system of the machine, and its operation is more stable.
4. It can automatically complete a series of functions such as filling, bagging, measuring, date printing, charging and product output.
5. The model measuring device of this machine is the volume cup, which can realize the accurate measurement of the product.
6. Washing powder packing machine is low noise and can save energy.
7. Various styles of machine packaging products can be realized, such as back seal, button bag, punch hole, etc., to fully personalize some customers' products.
Auto Washing Powder Packing Machine

Washing Powder Pouch Packing Machine For Sale

Our goal is to satisfy our customers by researching and testing new automated packaging systems and technical solutions. The company has invested a lot of money in the design and manufacture of automatic packaging machinery, so that our machines achieve advanced technology, reliable quality, modular combination.

Washing powder packing machine, the machine received customers praise. Our researchers are experienced enough to meet your requirements for the machine. Contact us and we will give you a satisfactory answer.
Technical Data
Model LG-F01S
Packaging materials powder, flour
Weighing range 1-5000g
Filling accuracy 1% (different materials vary)
Filling speed 30-45 bags / min
Power supply 220v /50-60HZ
Machine size 3000 * 1060 * 2000mm

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