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Automatic Label Machine Manufacturers In China


Have you ever heard of the label machine? We are one of automatic label machine manufacturers in China. We have a large number of automatic bottle labeling machine for sale. You will often see labels with product information attached to mineral water bottles, milk bottles, etc. Labeling requires a lot of labor, but if you have a automatic label machine, the speed will be greatly improved, and it will save labor and reduce the company's expenses.

Our company is a professional label equipment manufacturer,  focus on the development and production of label equipment. The company has a number of high-level, high quality development teams, the relevant personnel have nearly 10 years of professional experience. Strong technical team and strong technical force enable us to provide advanced equipment system. The company has been established for nearly ten years, and has been striving for progress, constantly exploring the domestic and foreign markets, so that our equipment has always been in the leading position, and the size of company also increases year by year. Our company's label machine is in the leading position in many aspects, won the trust and recognition of the vast number of users.

Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine

Machines have obvious advantages in many ways.
1.The label system of the machine is very advanced, it can make the label without bubble, more smooth, and ensure that the label will not wrinkle, and maximize the beauty of the label.
2.The machine adopts advanced PLC control system. The use of this control system makes the machine run at high speed and more stable at the same time.
3.The synchronous chain mechanism of this machine can ensure that the bottle transmission process is fast and stable without stopping in the middle. Moreover, the calibration ability of the machine is strong, and the transmission situation can be perceived effectively.
4.Touch screen control is well used in the machine. The machine touch screen can display two languages, making it easier for operators to operate and master the operation process. The operation process is simple, convenient and practical. It is an ideal machine.
5.This machine has adopted the latest label station design, and this upgrade can ensure that the machine can label more shaped bottles to expand the use of the machine.
6.The machine can be applied to label many kinds of products, it can be used widely, it can be applied to more products, it can be used many times and reduce the production cost effectively.
7.The application of screw control mechanism can guarantee the precision of machine movement and make the machine label more accurate.

As the automatic label machine manufacturers, we are proud that our machines have satisfied our customers. We attach importance to customer feedback and can make use of it to improve our automatic label machine so that the machines can meet customer requirements to the maximum extent. Our factories are all in China, and we welcome customers to visit our factories and inspect the machines. We will improve the best machines and services. We look forward to becoming your faithful supplier of labeling equipment in China.

As a automatic label machine manufacturers in China, we believe our machines will impress you. We welcome your feedback and look forward to your inquiry and suggestions.