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Sold Automated Labeling Machine To Chicago


Today we sold automated labeling machine to Chicago again. We have sold this machine to Chicago for many times, and there are many of the big factories using our machines. Automated labeling is a new type of labeling machine, which can solve the problems in the previous market labeling machine. Automatic bottle labeling machine is for sale abroad and the main market is abroad. In order to better meet the requirements of customers, our machines have adopted advanced systems, so that the machines meet international standards. Automated labeling machines sold well, they sold well in Chicago, they were very popular in the market.
The use of imported original parts makes automated labeling machine run more smoothly, the quality of the machine is better and the service life is longer. In Chicago, we buy a lot of machines and have high evaluation. Our factory in China, many customers come to our factory from Chicago to visit and inspect our machines. They were impressed by our machines and services. They are very satisfied with our machine.

Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine

 Features Of Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine

1. The machine is equipped with belt conveyor system. The system conforms to international standards, stable and reliable, can effectively guarantee the delivery of materials.

2. The machine is equipped with an optional receiving platform, which is very conducive to the collection and classification of finished products, greatly reducing the labor hours of workers.

3. The machine uses imported 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials to ensure the high quality and long service life, the use time is longer.

4. Printer device The printer device of the machine can print the batch number and production date online, reduce the downtime in the packing process, and have great help to improve the production efficiency.

5.Imported servo control system. The use of the control system makes the machine more stable, faster, and improves production efficiency.

6. The conveying function and the automatic marking function of the machine can realize synchronous tracking, which can effectively shorten the production time and improve the production efficiency.


Automated labeling machines sell well in Chicago and are popular with customers. If you are interested in our machines, please contact us as soon as you want to know more about them. We look forward to serving you.