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Are You Biscuit Packing Machine Manufacturer In India?


Are you biscuit packing machine manufacturer in India? Many customer as us this question. We are a professional biscuit packaging machine manufacturer, but we are in China. Automatic biscuit packaging machine have good quality and cheap price. This machines have a good reputation in India and are selling well. Many biscuit manufacturers buy our machines.
Our factory is in China. We have an independent production line for automatic packing machines. Automatic biscuit packaging machine introduces the advanced technology at home and abroad, the operation is simple, the production technology is first-class, is the ideal choice of packing products. Many of our customers are from India and have visited our factory. And customers are impressed by the quality of our machines and the considerate service of our staff. Customers in India say using our machines is the right choice.

Biscuit Packing Machine Manufacturer India
Now i want to share the advantages of our machine with you
1.The high sensitivity optical color marking tracking system can make the icon display more clear and has a significant anti-counterfeiting effect.
2.The machine uses a frequency converter and a PLC controller to flexibly control the length of the package and the cutting around.
3.Sensitive self-diagnostic function. The machine is equipped with self-detecting equipment, which will stop automatically when the machine detects the wrong operation, to ensure that no serious accident will be caused.
4.This machine can input cutting position by computer to make sealing and cutting more precise.
5.Independent PID control system makes the machine suitable for various packaging materials.
6.All functions are controlled by the computer program, easy to adjust and upgrade functions. The machine can update new system at any time and apply new technology to ensure that the machine will not lag behind.
7.The machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Packaging Samples
We will also provide our customers with perfect and comprehensive after-sales service. Our after-sales service has won wide praise from our customers in India. We will provide after-sales service of telephone consultation. When our customers encounter problems in the operation of the machine, we can first use the method of telephone consultation. When receiving a call from a customer, our technical staff will provide the customer with a quick and convenient solution. Alternatively, customers in India can opt for face-to-face online communication, which can help solve problems quickly.
Through the feedback from our customers, we have made many improvements in the machine system to make our machines more suitable for Indian customers.
If you are interested in our machines, please contact us and look forward to your inquiry.