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Sold Candy Packing Machine To Philippines


Today we sold a set of candy packing machine to Philippines, and we have sold the machine to many countries. We are a manufacturer of automatic candy packaging machine. We have nearly ten years of experience in machine production. Our machines are sold all over the world and have sold well, especially in the Philippines, where our orders are very large. 

 Our factory is in China. Many customers from the Philippines come to China to visit our factories and check our machines to determine whether they want to buy our machines. The Philippines is the target market for our machines. In addition, we will offer corresponding preferential treatment to customers. The customer gave us a very high evaluation of candy packing machine. We are also improving our machines to better meet the needs of our customers.

 Candy Packing Machine Philippines

Our machine has been improved and upgraded to have more advantages, I would like to share it with you.

1.Machines have a wider range of applications, not only in food, sweets, pharmaceuticals and other industries, but also in cosmetics and other related industries.

2.The machine is equipped with a variety of servo motors and timing to replace chains and chain wheels, which can meet the special requirements of customers. Moreover, this device simplifies the drive system, improves the control precision, improves the packaging speed and operation stability.

3.The machine is equipped with a large color touch screen, which can automatically complete tracking, sealing, indicating obstacles and counting. The color marking and double tracking system of photocell detection can cut accurately and eliminate the packing error effectively.

4.Automatic display of bag length and speed enables more accurate cutting and sealing.

5.This machine uses the timing belt transportation device, has the characteristics of low noise, less vibration, less consumption and so on.

6.The new vertical seal design can effectively reduce the burning and packaging waste of film under low temperature.

7.The operation interface is simple, more suitable for operation, and the setting and operation are simpler and faster.

8.The machine can be used for a variety of packaging materials, advanced control system can make it easier to change packaging materials, packaging effects more exquisite.

9.All systems of the machine can be controlled by software, and it is easier to adjust the function and upgrade the technology.

Automatic Candy Packaging Machine

This packing machine mainly sold to overseas markets and are well received by customers. Especially in the Philippines, many of our customers are from the Philippines. We will provide our customers with quality products and first-class service.

We will have a professional team of designers to serve our customers, provide technical support, let our machines play a greater role. We believe that our machines and services will make our customers more satisfied. Our company welcomes domestic and foreign customers to visit our factory.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you.