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High Speed Coffee Pod Manufacturing Machine For Sale


This coffee pod manufacturing machine is one type of coffee packing machine, it is a hot selling product in our company, and the coffee pod packing machine obtains user's consistent high praise. Now we want to share some details about the coffee pod manufacturing machine with you.
 Coffee Pod Samples
This coffee pod manufacturing machine is applicable to the packaging of granular materials in tea, coffee, food, medicine and chemical products.
1. Through ultrasonic sealing, sealing and cutting, make the finished product more three-dimensional.
2. The coffee pod is made from biodegradable filter paper or corn fiber. It can also be made into square flat bags according to the customer's requirements(but the models are different. A machine cannot produce either a round coffee pod and a square one).
3. Sealing side weld firmly and achieve endless butt joint, it is a very popular packaging style in the market at present.
4. The blanking method can be prepared according to different customer materials, for example, electronic scale, rotary volume measurement and so on.
5. The coffee pod manufacturing machine improves stability through improvement, simplify the tedious operation, the operation method is more humanized.
6. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel.
7. The machine has made some adjustments in ultrasonic wave, metering and sealing, not only improve the performance of the machine, but also reduce the noise of the machine.
8. High quality and low price, high cost performance.
 Coffee Pod Manufacturing Machine
Coffee Pod Manufacturing Machine Characteristic:
1. The machine body is made of SUS304 stainless steel in accordance with GMP standard for easy cleaning.
2. The machine bag making mechanism is intermittent bag making, sealing module and pulling film system. Drawing film adopts step motor subdivision technology, making bag accurately and reliably with smaller error.
3. The computer control system adopts mature microcomputer technology, the mechanical structure is simple and easy to learn, troubleshooting easy and quick, ensure the coffee pod manufacturing machine can run normally for a long time, easy to maintain.
4. Advanced thermoseal temperature control mechanism, preset temperature and actual temperature classification digital visual display, good thermal balance, more accurate temperature control.
If you interested the coffee pod manufacturing machine, and need more details, please contact us for free.