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What Is A Coffee Pod?


What is a coffee pod? In appearance, the coffee pod is a round coffee bag packed with filter paper, it can be filled not only with coffee, but also with tea. It is a new type of coffee packaging and is very popular.
What is a coffee pod?
It is a small, pre-packaged coffee bag that is mainly used for brewing a cup of coffee. It is a small round paper bag filled with coffee. Using a coffee pod means you don't need to brew bulk coffee, and you don't need to change filters. After brewing, throw away the coffee pod. This is a very clean and hygienic way of brewing coffee. You no longer have to worry about your coffee going moldy in the bottle.
 Coffee Pod
Why use a coffee pod?
In the past, we packaged coffee in bags made of plastic or other materials, if you want to drink coffee, you need to tear open the bag and pour the coffee into the cup to brew. But with this method, coffee tends to fall out of the cup and float in the air. But, the coffee coffee pod is a good solution to this problem. The packaging material of the pod is food grade material. When brewing, you don't need to rip the package and you just need to put the coffee pod into water.
How to make a coffee pod?
If you want to make a coffee pod at home, you just need a small coffee pod maker, but if you start a business, you need a coffee pod packing machine with large capacity.
And in order to ensure the hygiene of the finished products, you need a full automatic, so you only need to install the packaging film and add the raw materials into the hopper to complete the packaging.
And we can provide you this machine. The machine produced by our company with following features:
1. One time molding
The machine automatically completes metering, filling, sealing, and does not require manual assistance to complete the finished product.
2. Microcomputer control
PLC program is used to control the operation of the whole machine.
3. Manufacture in strict accordance with international technical standards
The introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, strict quality control and precision testing equipment, to guarantee product qualification rate and stability.
4. Excellent design technology
The machine is made of stainless steel to ensure the hygiene of the materials in contact with.
5. Functional diversity
The machine can not only pack coffee, but also a variety of tea, traditional Chinese medicine.
Automatic Coffee Pod Packaging Machine