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Types Of Detergent Powder Packing Materials


Washing powder is an indispensable article in daily life. It has a strong function of decontamination and cleaning.  As a powder object, washing powder is very inconvenient to transport and carry, but the production of washing powder packing machine solves this problem. But when you packing detergent powder, you also need packing materials,there are different types of detergent powder packing materials on the market. Packaging materials can be polyethylene, polyester, pp, etc., can meet different customers' requirement.

Detergent Powder Packing Materials

The detergent powder packing materials are mostly made of PP, PE, OPP and bopp plastic materials. The packaging bags made of these materials are rarely recycled by families.When the washing powder is used up, the bags are used as garbage bags and then thrown away.PE and PP are the two most common packaging materials.

PP, which is called polypropylene, is the representative of the prun-olefins and is a kind of thermoplastic resin produced by acrylic polymerization. According to the different  polymerization process, polypropylene can be divided into three types: isotactic polypropylene, random polypropylene and syndiotactic polypropylene.The three configurations also show different results. 

Isotactic polypropylene is easy to form crystalline state, with a crystallinity of more than 95%, with good thermal resistance and solvent resistance. At room temperature, random polypropylene is a kind of non-crystalline, slightly sticky white wax substance with irregular structure and lack of cohesion, which is seldom used in daily life.The syndiotactic polypropylene lie between the syndiotactic polypropylene with isotactic polypropylene, with obvious disadvantages and advantages. PP is also widely used in the packaging industry.

Washing Powder Packing Machine
Polyethylene, PE for short, is a kind of thermoplastic by polymerization of vinyl resin. Polyethylene is odorless, non-toxic, and feels like wax. It has good low temperature resistance, good chemical stability, and can resist most acid and alkali erosion. Insoluble in general solvents at room temperature, small water absorption, good electrical insulation. Using it for packaging is not only safe and non-toxic, but also the color of the bags bright, very attractive buyers.

Different detergent powder packing materials have different packaging effects, and our machines can adapt to many kinds of packaging materials. What kind of packing materials do you use? You can visit our factory. Not only test our machines, but also see the packing effect of different detergent powder packing materials. Looking forward to your coming.