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How Does An Auger Filler Work?


The auger type powder filling machine is named for the use of auger. This machine is a spiral-shaped material transporter that moves material around as it spins. Now, some customers may ask, how does an auger filler work?

Most products, especially in powder manufacturing, must be packaged before they leave the factory. Packaging is not only an attractive container for a product, but also makes it easier to sell. Each package must contain the correct powder quality. Filling machines are created to help package products quickly and accurately.


How Does An Auger Filler Work

Screw filler is a machine that fills a container with a certain amount of powder. In general, the powder is stored in a container called a hopper, where the pre-determined product quality is assigned to the package during each machine's operating cycle.

Auger Filler Composition

1.Driver: it is a machine with a brake, clutch or servo system.Includes motor, transmission and start/stop mechanisms to ensure accurate filling.

2.Control: it is a system in which the operator controls the machine.

3.Funnel: this is a container for packaging raw materials. It can provide the raw materials to the molds and package the raw materials.

4.Support structure: this is the infrastructure of the entire system.

5.Tools: tools consist of systems that can be changed to fit the requirements.The selection of the tool depends on the type of material filled and the application.Usually, it consists of a screw drill, a blender, a funnel, and other filling parts.
After understanding the structure of the machine, you must know how does an anger filler work.


Auger Type Powder Filler Machine

Applicable Scope Of Auger Filler

Auger filler can be used for filling semi-solid, liquid, powder and granular materials. Machines such as sugar, salt, detergent, spices, coffee, tea, laundry detergent, or cosmetics can be easily filled. Different product types require different configurations, and with the right configurations, machines can handle many different types of products and fill them perfectly.

However, due to the nature of the material and the working principle of the machine, some products are not suitable for auger filler. Some materials, such as tobacco, may become entangled in the auger during filling, causing the product to be lost and cannot be packaged. Other products, such as raw fruit and vegetables can be crushed during filling and cannot be used it.

The machine has a variety of operating tools to choose from, and the right tools have been selected. The machine can be used for filling various products. And our machines will provide many different models to meet different customer needs. The type of material to be filled, the amount of filling and the required speed and precision are all problems to be considered in the operation. These issues are also the main parameters that determine a particular application.

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