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Do You Sell Second Hand Chips Packing Machine?


Do you sell second hand chips packing machine? Some customer ask us this question, about this question, we want to say sorry, we don't sell second hand chips packing machine, we are only committed to the development and production of new automatic chips packing machine. We are a large packing machine manufacturer and have been focusing on the development and application of new technologies. We bought a large number of automatic chips packing machine to be tested by researchers. We are eager to develop new technologies to better meet the needs of the market.

The company has been committed to producing higher quality machines. The automatic chips packing machine is a new machine that we combine with the new discovery. The machines are equipped with advanced  equipment and advanced technology to make our customers more fluent in operation. After being listed, the machine was welcomed by customers and sold well in many countries. Orders for machines have been increasing and our customers are increasing.

Automatic Chips Packing Machine

Chips packing machine advantages:
1. The machine is complex. The machine is composed of a main engine, a chain drive system and a plurality of electronic combined scales. The operation is more stable and more accurate.
2. Many industries and many products can use this machine. For example, in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, various shapes of bulk food or free flowing particles, such as candy, snacks, peanuts and so on, can be used.
3. Electronic weighing system. The weighing system of the machine is advanced, weighing every product, high accuracy and convenient operation.
4. This machine uses microcomputer controller to set various product parameters, easy to change production, and can pack all kinds of goods.
5. Compared with machines in the same industry, our machines have lower prices and better performance.
6. Machine is an automatic machine, it is a kind of automation equipment that can effectively reduce the labor intensity of employees. Automatic bag making, weighing, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, printing and other operating machines can be completed automatically, effectively reducing production costs.
7. Many kinds of packing. Machines can provide different packaging for different products. If you have a variety of product packaging requirements, the machine can do it.
8. In the process of operation, the noise is low, and the energy consumption is low and energy saving.
9. Temperature control system. Automatic chip packaging machine equipped with temperature control system is very sensitive.


We have been working hard to improve the performance of the machine. We have been working hard to improve the performance of the machine. Although we can’t provide second hand chips packing machine for you, but we can sell the new to you, it’s performance is better than the second hand.