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Sold Flow Wrapping Machines To UK


We sold one set flow wrapping machines to UK. The small flow wrapping machine  is a new type of packaging machine. The machine adopts the latest control system and circulation system to make the machine run more smoothly. Machines have been popular with customers since the day of sale and are selling well all over the world. Customers in the UK also like our machines very much. Our customers in the UK have high comments on the our machines, saying that they are satisfied with our machine and they look forward to working with us again.

Flow wrapping machines adopts advanced system and technology in many aspects, which can improve the operation experience of customers. The volume of the machine is increasing and so are our new customers. Sales of machines in the UK are far ahead and are very popular in the UK market. We always pay attention to customer feedback and improve our machines through customer feedback. This is also a very important reason for the popularity of machines.

Main Features Of Flow Wrapping Machine

1.Accurate temperature controller. The machine adopts imported only controller, which can realize intelligent temperature control.
 2.Automation is an important characteristic of machines. As an automatic machine, the machine can automatically complete a series of processes, including weighing, bagging, filling, sealing and cutting.
3.Computer control. The machine adopts the computer control system, which can effectively improve the precision of the machine control, and greatly reduce the influence of the operator on the machine production.
4.Color printing system. The color printing system equipped with the machine can easily obtain the complete trademark of the company. When the machine is running, as long as the company's trademark is uploaded in the system, the system can automatically identify and print out the color trademark, which has a good anti-counterfeiting effect.
5. The use of bilingual display screen control system makes the operation process of the machine more clear and controllable.
6.Safety protection system. The machine has a safe plastic box on the rotating blade to ensure the safety of the operator.
7.Fixed stepper motor controller. The use of this controller can make the machine operate more accurately, and the mould replacement is convenient and fast, which can greatly save the production time.

Flow Wrapping Machine

The machine has applications in many aspects, for example, the packaging of biscuits, bread, chocolate and other products can use this machine. After packaged products more beautiful, easy to carry, can effectively enhance the value of products.

The machine is loved by customers in the UK market, and we will continue to improve the machine to meet the needs of UK customers. If you are interested in machines, we welcome you to visit our factory and your inquiry.