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How Does A Shrink Wrap Machine Work?


How does a shrink wrap machine work?  If you use the high speed shrink wrapping machine for the firrst time, you may ask this question, now let us share some details with you.

How Does A Shrink Wrap Machine Work

1. Firstly, set the heating time for the machine.
2. After pressing the power button, the rack cylinder solenoid valve can be energized to push the gear. Then the gear can drive the chain and the machine starts to operate.
3. When the oven cylinder runs to the set point, the timer starts to delay, and the rack cylinder solenoid valve is cut off.
4. The timing is over, and the solenoid valve of oven cylinder is cut off.
5. Decide whether to continue the next work process according to the work mode labeling.

After these introduction, you may get some points about how does a shrink wrap machine work, and we will share some features about our shrink wrapping machine:

1. This machine adopts the world's advanced film thermostat technology, which can make the sealing of the package clearer and stronger.
2. Advanced cooling and shaping channels. The cooling and finalizing channel can make the packing film shape quickly and facilitate storage and transportation.
3. Fast sealing cooling structure. The application of this structure can ensure that the sealing strength of the machine is higher under high speed production conditions.
4. Strong insulation performance. The machine adopts three layers of heat insulation treatment, good heat preservation performance and energy saving.
5. The machine adopts PLC program automatic cycle control, with stable performance and continuous reliability.
6. Unique thermal shrinkage channel. The use of the heat contraction channel makes the packaging film income even, compact and beautiful.

High Speed Shrink Wrapping Machine

7. Original imported guide rod cylinder. The use of imported parts ensures that the machine runs smoothly and is more durable.
8. Frequency conversion system. All transmission of the machine is variable frequency speed, which can make the delivery more smooth and smooth.
9. Sensitive induction system. The machine adopts induction switch to control the film feeding system, which can precisely control the length of the film feeding and reduce the loss of the film packaging.
Our machines adopt the most advanced technology and the best quality parts, which can ensure the high quality standard of the machines. If you are interested in our machines, don't hesitate to contact us.