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Sold Chips Packing Machine To Pakistan


Toady we sold one set chips packing machine to Pakistan, this is the second time we have sold this machine to Pakistan. The automatic chips packing machine is our company's latest product. This machine is a high performance automatic packaging machine, can automatically complete all the packaging. The machine adopts foreign advanced technology, it is a high quality, low cost machine. Machine adopts PLC program control and develops advanced digital temperature control, which is very popular in the market. Our machines are running smoothly, the production speed is fast, the machine is running quietly, the after-sale service is considerate, many large enterprises in Pakistan are using our machines. They say our machines are the best choice for the grain packing industry.

Chips Packing Machine In Pakistan
Chips Packing Machine Features:
1.The control system is superb. The machine adopts microcomputer controller to set the parameters of various products, which is easy to operate, easy to replace raw materials, and can pack all kinds of goods.
2.The range of machines is wide. For example, in medicine, chemical industry, food and other industries, such as candy, snacks, frozen food, peanuts, grains and so on.
3.Different styles of packaging. The machine can provide different kinds of packing for different products.
4.Advanced equipment. The machine consists of a host, chain drive system and a number of electronic combination scales.
5.Temperature control system. The machine is equipped with advanced temperature control system, which can accurately control the temperature change within 1 degree.
6.The weighing system is accurate. Multiple electronic weighing systems installed in the machine can weigh and fill each product, making the operation easier and ensuring higher measurement accuracy.
7.High automaticity. Machine is an automatic machine, which can reduce the labor intensity of employees effectively. Weighing, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, printing and other operations can be realized automatically.
8.Low noise, low energy consumption, quiet working environment, suitable for large area operation.
9.Compared with machines with the same performance in the same industry, our machines have lower price and smaller size.

Automatic Chips Packing Machine
In addition to export to Pakistan, we also sold the machine to other countries, for example, UK, USA. If you also interested in this machine, please contact us for free.