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How Should We Store Seeds?


Do you know how should we store seeds?
Seed is a structure formed by the ovule of a plant after being fertilized. The embryo is the most important part of the seed. The endosperm contains nutrients. Seeds belong to the origin of agricultural production chain, are the most basic and important means of production in agricultural production, and also the basis for human survival and development. Seeds are closely related to human life.
Seeds Pouch Packing Machine
In addition to the daily necessities of food, oil and cotton, some medicines (such as almonds), seasoning (such as pepper), drinks (such as coffee and cocoa), etc., all come from seeds. The seeds are still alive after they are mature, but the life span of the seeds varies greatly. The length of its lifespan is affected by environmental factors as well as genetic characteristics and developmental robustness. So how should we store seeds in our daily lives?
In the process of seeds store, first to choose clean, dry, heat insulation, ventilation environment. For how should we store seeds, temperature and humidity are important factors in seed storage. When the temperature is high or the water content is high in the storage environment, the seeds tend to decay or go into hibernation, making the germination time slow. Some seeds have a long resting period, which may take weeks, months or years. Some seeds can germinate quickly under suitable environmental conditions after ripening. Only when the environment conditions are not favorable can they go into hibernation.
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Storing and keeping the seeds is a key measure to ensure a good harvest in the coming year. Many manufacturers now use packaging bags to store seeds. Packing bag shading, waterproof and moisture-proof, is a very ideal storage method. And the packaged seeds are easier to transport and sell. When packing seeds, seeds pouch packing machines are used. We also produce the human machine. Machine is a multi-functional packaging equipment, can be a variety of products for packaging.The machine adopts advanced PLC control system, which makes its operation more convenient, high efficiency and can effectively improve output.
Do you know how should we store seeds? If you need to pack your seeds, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your reply.