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What Is The Disadvantages Of Shrink Wrapping?


Shrink wrapping as a relatively advanced packaging method in the current market, by virtue of its advantages, become the main packaging form of many packaging enterprises, widely used in the packaging of various products. But everything has two sides, we must take a correct view of the disadvantages of shrink wrapping.
Disadvantages of Shrink Wrapping:
1. It is necessary to consider the shrinkage of the graph as well as the contraction of the film to accurately reproduce.
2. The ink used in packaging film printing must have a certain shrinkage in order to reproduce the picture and text accurately.
3. As the thermal shrinking packaging film in the printing process must be shrinking, bar codes can only be read by accurate representation, therefore, strict design and printing quality control must be carried out. Otherwise, after the pattern is shrunk and deformed, the bar code quality will be unqualified or cannot be read.
Shrink Wrapping 
After know the disadvantages of shrink wrapping, now we will share some advantages.
1. Cost reduction
The cost can be reduced by at least 30% by replacing the carton with a heat-shrinkable film, this is the most important reason that thermal shrinkage technology attracts various industries. However, at present, shrink wrapping also has disadvantages, that is, compared with cardboard boxes in the transport process, the protection function is relatively poor.
2. Improve shelf-display effect and promote sales
Shrink wrapping makes the packing more diversified and beneficial to sales, shrink wrapping has flexibility for different specifications, especially the small - size product bundle packing, and it's portable. As a result, it is gaining popularity among consumers. With the increase of market demand for small size cluster beer packaging, shrink wrapping will have more space for development.
3. As the packaging material is automatically shrink, if the improper packaging film is selected, it will cause the packaging to fall.
4. Shrink wrapping can provide a 360 degree all-round decoration to the packaged goods, the product description and other product information can be printed on the label, so that consumers can understand the product performance without opening the package.
5. Shrink wrapping has good sealing, moistureproof, antifouling, antirust function, it can extend the storage period of food, convenient storage, open storage and storage cost saving.
After our introduction, you may have know the disadvantages of shrink wrapping and the advantages of shrink wrapping, if you have any question about shrink wrapping, please contact us for free.