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Sold Plantain Chips Packaging Bags In Nigeria


Today we sold some plantain chips packaging bags to Nigeria, many people may ask, does your company also sell packaging bags? As a matter of fact, packaging bags is not our main product, but due to the large demand of customers for packaging bags, and suppliers are hard to find, so we provide a train service for our customers. We also provide packaging bags for customers when plantain chips packaging machine.

Sold Plantain Chips Packaging Bags In Nigeria
All the plantain chips packaging bags provided by our company are tested to meet the requirements of the machine and the packaging effect is very good. This way of selling machines and providing plantain chips packaging bags is very popular with customers. The Nigeria customer feedback that we provide bags to make the product packaging more perfect. We hope our machines can make customers more comfortable. In order to achieve this goal, our machines have made a lot of adjustments. The quality is better, the performance is stronger, the price is cheaper, this is our best reward to the customer.

Now we want to share some performance of the machine:
1.The machine is suitable for packaging solid granule products, such as potato chips, sweets, apple chips, dumplings, biscuits, dried fruits, melon seeds, nuts, etc.
2.Intelligent temperature control system. The temperature control system makes the temperature control more accurate. Accurate temperature can guarantee the beauty of the package.
3.The error detection system of this machine is very sensitive. It can quickly detect and deal with faults, reduce customer loss caused by faults and maximize the interests of customers.
4.The front plate sealing machine can automatically complete all the packaging process, including loading, measuring, bag-making, sealing and so on.
5.At the time of delivery, the staff conducted a comprehensive test on the machine to ensure that it met the requirements of production and avoid unqualified machines.