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Sold Cellophane Wrapping Machine To South Africa


Are you a South African manufacturer? Sorry, we are a manufacturer in China, but we have sold the cellophan wrapping machine to South Africa. Our company recently launched a new machine, which has greatly improved its performance and is very suitable for customers. Through the feedback from our customers, our designer redesigned a new machine to make it more suitable for the customers and meet their needs to the maximum extent. Automatic cellophane wrapping machine is an automatic packing machine, it can automatically complete all operations including cutting, sealing, printing and other processes. An operator can operate multiple machines at the same time, which can effectively save labor costs. The machine was well received by South Africa customers.

Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine
This machine is selling well in South Africa and we have many customers from South Africa. The customer who have used our machine commented that our machine is an ideal packaging machine with many functions, simple operation, fast production speed and reasonable price. I will give you a detailed description of the cellophane packaging machine.


1. The weight of the machine is small. The compact design of the machine makes the machine more light, stable and easy to operate.

2. Stable performance and high efficiency. The machine combines foreign advanced technology to make the whole machine have more reliable quality and operation process.

3. Upgrading and upgrading. The parts of the machine are adjusted and optimized by using nc machining and imported materials to make the machine more beautiful, durable and accurate.

4. This machine adopts avariety of advanced systems, making the packaging speed faster, the packaging size more accurate, and the heat sealing temperature easier to control.

5. The machine adopts the new double-rotating cutting film system. The system can make the seal more accurate, greatly reduce the production of defective products, and extend the service life of the machine.

Sold Cellophane Wrapping Machine To South Africa

6. Anti-counterfeiting function of compound stickers. This function can really play the role of anti-counterfeiting, can effectively guarantee the safety of products. And the packaged products can play a good waterproof role.

7. Electrostatic eliminator device, which can effectively eliminate electrostatic adsorption and make packaging more smooth, thus effectively improving product quality and increasing product added value.

8. The machine can use different molds to pack goods of different sizes. This machine adopts many new structural design, making the mould more easy to change, easier to operate and saving production time.
We are willing to do our best to make our machines more suitable for our customers in South Africa.Are you interested in our machines? If so, we sincerely welcome your inquiry.