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What Temperature Does Shrink Wrap Shrink?


Heat seal shrink wrap machine is widely used in daily life, but do you know what temperatures does shrink wrap shrink? 

In the production process, the machine mainly uses PE and PVC film as the heat shrinkable material. Theoretically, the shrinkage temperature of PVC is about 130-160 centigrade and that of PE film is about 140-170 centigrade. However, different manufacturers' machines display very different temperatures due to the different locations of sensors installed. For each machine, there is an instruction manual of the equipment, which will include how to debug the temperature. It is suggested that the customer can debug directly on site, taking the field result as the final standard. In addition, the same packaging machine, due to the different shrinking film quality, will also occur large thermal shrinkage temperature deviation.
Heat Seal Shrink Wrap Machine 
What is the most important part of the heat shrink packing machine? That's the heat seal. The heat seal needs appropriate temperature. Whether the operating frequency of the heat seal knife, the change of plastic film material or the change of packaging material thickness, the heat seal temperature will be affected and different heat seal effects will be formed. Whether it is a hot knife or an aluminum knife, the speed of heat dissipation is closely related to temperature as the machine works to transmit heat. The higher the working frequency, the faster the heat dissipation when the sealing cutter transfers heat to the plastic film. If the temperature of the knife does not reach the melting point of the plastic film, it will not melt the film.

Sometimes, the temperature on the thermometer has reached the standard, but the sealing and cutting are not stable, which may be caused by the rapid frequency of heat dissipation, the meter has no time to reflect, and the reading has no time to decline within a certain time range. Operators need to master the frequency that is suitable for the machine at room temperature (15-18 degrees), and should pay attention to the influence of environmental temperature changes on the machine.
 Heat Seal Shrink Wrap Machine Samples
The heat seal temperature of the machine will be affected by many aspects, which requires the operator to be more careful in the operation process. We have a professional after-sales service department. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem or problem with the thermal seal when using this machine. We will solve your problem quickly.