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Why Do They Put Air In Chips Bags?


It's no exaggeration to say that many packages are like a balloon. Why is that? This is because the bags are filled with air. So why do they put air in chips bags?
We all know that there are many different gases in the air, but oxygen is the most abundant. When it comes to oxygen, you have to say that it's very reactive. Oxygen is a very reactive gas that can react with different substances under any condition, causing the substance to be oxidized. For food, oxidation means deterioration. In fact, food under the oxygen action is very easy to deteriorate, affecting the taste.
 Automatic Chips Packing Machine
And, when oxygen is abundant, many microorganisms, including bacteria, thrive. The growth of a large number of bacteria and microorganisms can cause food to decay and become inedible, resulting in waste of resources. In order to protect food and make it last longer, food manufacturers often fill their bags with gas. This gas is usually nitrogen or other inert gases. These gases not only do not undergo chemical reactions, but also can effectively isolate oxygen, prevent bacteria from growing and keep food fresh. And that's why do they put air in chips bags.
We produce the automatic chips packing machine, which is a kind of multi-functional and efficient particle packaging machine, which can help the manufacturer to complete the packaging quickly, and can fill the gas into the packaging bag. Machines sell well in the market. It has a lot of features.

1.The photoelectric control system is used in the machine, which makes the control of the machine more accurate and fast.
2.The machine is made of stainless steel and has good anti-corrosion effect, which not only guarantees the cleaning and sanitation of the product, but also greatly extends the life of the machine.

Automatic Chips Packing Machine Samples
3.Powerful PLC system. The system can control the whole operation process and make the machine faster.
4.It can automatically complete measurement, sealing, bag making, filling, cutting, printing and other operations. Smooth and fast operation, which can effectively reduce production time and provide efficiency.
5.The machine is equipped with Chinese and English touch screen, which makes the operation of the machine more convenient.
Why do they put air in chips bags? It is necessary. And our machine can help you if you want to packing.