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Fully Auto Cigarette Box Packing Machine Price For Sale

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

Introduction Of Auto Cigarette Box Packing Machine
Fully auto  box packing machine is the most advanced and the most automatic product in the equipment of the heat-shrinkable packing machine. This machine is suitable for glass paper and OPP coating. This machine is a universal equipment for 3d packaging of hard paper packaging boxes and packaging products.

Application Of Fully Auto Cigarette Box Packing Machine
Transparent paper can be folded with a graphic or holographic laser logo to facilitate the sealing and anti-counterfeiting functions of finished products, and cigarette box packing machine is the most advanced and the most automatic equipment during the heat-shrinkable packing machine. This machine is suitable for medicine food, daily cosmetics, stationery, poker, cigarettes and other kinds of small boxes of goods package, is an ideal box three-dimensional packaging equipment.
Cigarette Box Packing Machine

Automatic Cigarette Boxes Packing Machine For Sale
1.The packaging speed is adjustable, the machine price for sale is reasonable, and the heat sealing temperature is adjustable.
2.Function: anti - counterfeiting, anti - moisture; Improve the added value of products, improve the level of products, improve the decoration quality of products.
3.It is not necessary to adjust the height of the working table on both sides of cigarette box packing machine when replacing the mould. It is not necessary to disassemble and install the material chain and discharge hopper.
4.The four-hour replacement time of the traditional machine is reduced to only 30 minutes now.
5.Adopt new twin rotary cutting film. Increase the service life of times, cut the film more accurate and smooth.
6.Opened with composite stickers laser security line, to really play security, the role of moisture.
7.Replacement of mold can package articles of different sizes. Using a number of new patented structure design, mold making replacement easier and faster.
8.The machine is equipped with static elimination equipment, which can effectively solve the problem of static packaging film adsorption and make the packaging more smooth.

Auto Cigarette Box Packing Machine
Advantages Of Cigarette Box Packing Machine
1. Hermetic package, waterproof, moisture proof, and infect proof.
2. Sealed speedy, similar to cold wrap no influence on medicine or thermo sensitive products.
3. Loading, stacking, packing, heat sealed ,setting, counting automatically.
4. Reliable and stable PLC system, low maintenance, programmable controller.
5. Zero setting, replacing automatically, flexible and smart, easy to use, operate, maintain and repair.
Technical Data
Model LGB-200A
Packing Material Cellophane(BOPP heat sealing film)
Packaging speed 40-80boxes/min
Packing size (L)50-120mm(W)20-100mm(H)10-50mm
Power 220V 50HZ
Total power 4.5kw
Shape dimension 2000*790*1550mm
Machine’s weight 750Kg

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