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Hot BBQ Sauce Bottle Filling Machine Bottling Equipment

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

The Principle Of Hot Sauce Filling Machine

Sauce bottle filling machine is a semi-automatic machine, widely used in pepper sauce, potato salad, peanut butter and other semi-fluid products packaging.
The Principle of bbq sauce bottling equipment is actually quite simple. The funnel is designed to power the rotary valve,  when the material enters, connects the jumping funnel to the cylinder, and then flips 90 degrees between the cylinder and the discharge tube.

Then, the piston will back into the cylinder and the product is sucked into the cylinder. The next rotary valve changes position so that the product is pushed out of the nozzle rather than back into the hopper. Finally, the material can be easily pushed out of the nozzle into the package.

Hot Sauce Filling Machine
Key Features Of Hot Sauce Filling Machine

1. The machine has many operating modes, and users can choose operating modes according to product characteristics, so as to make the material utilization rate higher. Manual operation and automatic operation are good operation modes.

2. The machine is made of imported stainless steel material, which conforms to hygienic safety standards and is suitable for use in food, medicine and other industries. It is safe and healthy.

3. There is no toolbars in the configuration of the machine, and cleaning after use is very convenient. Easy to change materials.

4. The machine is small in size and covers less area. And it's easy to assemble and disassemble, very easy to carry, easy to transport.

5. Sauce bottle filling machine can control the product suction speed and packaging speed well. It can effectively improve the production efficiency.

6. Hot sauce filling machine is equipped with a high-quality cleaning operation system, which can be well applied to the washing of dangerous areas of the machine.

7. BBQ sauce bottling equipment is equipped with a variety of nozzles, which are easy to be exchanged between nozzles and suitable for various packaging requirements. It can perfectly realize multiple applications of a machine and improve the utilization rate of the machine.

Hot Sauce Filling Machine For Sale

Our Services About Hot Sauce Filling Machine

1) Services: in the process of the use of sauce bottle filling machine, if customers have any questions or any machine fault, customers can inquire us at any time, we will provide professional advice.

2) Time: all our hot sauce filling machine have a warranty period. You can contact us if there is any problem during the warranty period. We will provide you with high-quality services. In addition, we can provide spare parts, we will try our best to minimize the loss of the customer.

3) Certificate: according to the requirements of the customer, we can provide the customer with the relevant certificate of the machine to prove the professionalism of our machine.

4) Teaching: our professional engineers will guide the customer's operators to install and use the machine during the installation and debugging of the machine, so as to ensure the correct operation of the machine.
Technical Data
Model LGYG-1 LGYG-2
Filling Speed 10-40
Voltage 220/110v
Gas Pressure 0.4-0.6MPa 0.4-0.6MPa
Filling Range 50-500ml 100-1000ml

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