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Automatic Plastic Popsicle Packaging And Sealing Machine

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

Applications Of Popsicle Sealing Machine
Popsicle sealing machine is a new machine produced by our company. It is easier to operate and more suitable for large-scale use in the factory. This machine is widely used in filling, sealing and batch processing.
According to the customer's request, popsicle packaging machine has realized the filling of liquid and ointment raw materials through special filling equipment. The machine can be used independently or in line with the production line.
Popsicle packaging machine are widely used in food, cosmetics, toothpaste, medical paste, etc.

Automatic Plastic Popsicle Packaging Machine 
Features Of Popsicle Sealing Machine

1. Popsicle packaging machine is equipped with a material leakage prevention device, which can fundamentally prevent the leakage of raw materials and reduce the waste of raw materials in the production process.

2.The machine can realize the function of manual feeding and automatic color adjustment. It can greatly reduce the waste of raw materials and reduce the production cost of enterprises.

3. The machine can adjust the filling amount mechanically, which can make the filling amount more accurate. The machine can be operated by electric buttons, which is convenient and fast.

4.The machine can provide the option of mixed storage, and can really make multiple use of the machine.

5.Heat storage is also provided by machines. The operator may choose to heat the raw material or not.

6. Popsicle packaging machine is equipped with an organo-glass dust cover device, which can effectively improve the safety and hygiene of products and meet customers' requirements on product hygiene.

7.This machine is equipped with a touch screen display system, which can be manually opened or closed to maximize the flexibility of the machine.

8. Popsicle sealing machine adopts advanced liquid level control system and alarm system at home and abroad. The machine can ensure the most suitable height of liquid level, realize automatic feeding and reduce labor intensity.

Automatic Plastic Popsicle Packaging Machine For Sale
After-services For Popsicle Sealing Machine
Our company produces many machines with different specifications and uses. We will provide different after-sales services for different machines according to their design, parts and working principles.
Customized after-sales service can make our machines more durable and professional. Since the launch of our customized after-sales service, our service has been widely praised by our customers, and the orders of machines have been greatly increased.
In the process of using the sealing machine, you can contact us at any time, no matter the customer has questions or the machine is out of order. We will provide you with the fastest and most efficient solution.
All our staff are looking forward to your inquiry.
Technical Data
Model LG-B2000
Packing Speed 2000pcs/h
Volume 0-120ml
Voltage 220V,50hz
Power 0.75kw
Heating Power 1.8KW
Dimension 600*1000*1300mm
Weight 200kg
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