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Supply Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine China

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

Introduction Of Double Chamber Tea Bag Machine
Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine is made in China and have been well received at home and abroad since entering the market.

Double chamber tea bag packing machine is an automatic tea packaging machine, which can automatically complete a series of operations such as bag making, measuring, sealing, coding and automatic counting. The machine structure is simple, the operation is simple, is our designer through the customer feedback, combines the advanced technology to re-launch a new machine.

Double chamber tea bag machine has improved greatly in performance and speed. The machine adopts the measurement of volumetric cup, the error can be controlled within 1%, and the accuracy can be greatly improved.
Double Chamber Tea Bag Machine China
Advantages Of Double Chamber Tea Bag Machine

1.When there is no wire or packaging material, the machine will automatically issue an alarm to remind the operator.

2.Double chamber tea bag packing machine is equipped with protection measures such as leakage protection, short-circuit protection and overload protection, which can effectively detect the running condition of the machine, timely detect the faults of the machine and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

3.When an emergency occurs, the operator can use the emergency button to prevent the machine from working and ensure that no dangerous accidents occur.

4.The whole machine adopts PLC control system, which coordinates the operation process, making the packaging process more orderly and effectively reducing the packaging time of packaging books and swords.

5.The temperature setting and control of the heating parts of the machine are very simple, which can control the packaging temperature more accurately and make the packaging effect more beautiful.

6. The output chute count set by double chamber tea bag packing machine and the control of box packaging are simple packaging inspection methods, which can effectively reduce the waste of raw materials.

7.The memory function of double chamber tea bag machine can ensure the fixed length and cutting point of the package, making the package more exquisite.

Auto Double Chamber Tea Bag Machine China
Hardware Support Services For Double Chamber Tea Bag Machine

The hardware support service provides users with comprehensive hardware maintenance support, including hardware repair services and spare parts sales services.

1.Hardware repair service
After the user delivers the repairable faulty parts to the company by mail or other means, the company can repair the faulty parts within 2 working days and return them to the user by mail or other means. The company does not promise to repair unrepairable parts

2.Spare parts sales service
The company will give the biggest discount on the sales price of spare parts.
Technical Data
Model LGYD-12
Filling Range 3-10 ml
Bag Size Filter paper87mm
Length of bag 155mm
Capacity 40=80 bag/min
Weight 320 kg
Dimension 600*790*1780 mm
Power 220v/50Hz/1.5kw

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