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Filter Maisa Tea Bag Packing Machine Factory Selling

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

Filter Maisa Tea Bag Packing Machine is widely used and easy to operate, which is very beneficial to the waterproof and moisture-proof of tea, which greatly prolongs the storage period of tea.
Auto Filter Tea Bag Packing Machine
Advantages Of Tea Bagging Machine

Maisa tea bag packing machine is widely used in tea, pharmaceutical, food, stationery, cosmetics, electronic products, toys and other fields.

The cutting machine of tea packaging machine is made of a kind of special grade aluminum alloy material with constant temperature. This cutting machine is specially used for sealing and cutting film. Its cutting speed is faster and the cutting position is more accurate.

In addition, this machine can also adjust the packaging specifications within a certain range without changing the appearance of the packaging. It can be applied to more products and effectively improve the utilization rate of the machine.

At the same time, the parts that can be manually adjusted also include temperature and packaging speed. By adjusting these, the product packaging can be more exquisite and the added value of the product can be increased.

Characteristics Of Tea Bagging Machine

Maisa tea bag packing machine can push the product into the box according to the packaging order, which can effectively avoid the blockage of the product. Filter tea bag packing machine runs stably, the failure rate is low, the speed is fast, the operation is simple, receives the customer high praise.

Since the launch of the asset machine, filter tea bag packing machine orders have been constantly refreshing records. This kind of packaging machine is small and light, and the packaging area is not limited. It can be used for different sizes of packaging. 

Tea bagging machine are used in large factories, which can effectively improve the production efficiency of factories.
Filter Tea Bag Packing Machine
Routine Maintenance Of Filter Maisa Tea Bag Packing Machine

Maintenance of tea packaging machine is the key to prolong the service life of the machine.

In normal production, the maintenance of the machine is operated by the machine operator. The company can provide the maintenance manual of the machine. Operators can carry out various maintenance work according to the maintenance manual and maintenance procedures of the machine packaging equipment.

The completion of these tasks can greatly reduce the wear and tear of parts, eliminate potential failures and avoid accidents in the operation of the machine. The maintenance of the machine is very important. If you have any questions during the maintenance, please call us.
Technical Data
Model LG-T1
Application Tea/herbal/Coffee etc
Packing Material Tea Bag paper, cotton thread, label
Measuring Range 1.5-5g,3-15ml
Bag Size Length 50-75mm,Width 55-75mm
Label Size Length (18-23)Width 28mm
Capacity 30-60bag/min
Dimension 900*950*1800mm
Voltage 220V 50HZ
Powder 1.6KW
Weight 350kg

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