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Commercial Grain Rice Vacuum Packing Machine

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

This grain vacuum packing machine can be configured to pack different products, which can be used for the vacuum packaging of peanut, candy, rice, sugar, beans, lentils, dried fruit, pet food and other products.

Features Of Commercial Grain Rice Vacuum Packing Machine:
1. The measuring system of the machine is diversified, and the measuring cup can be made into an open and closed measuring device, making the measurement more accurate.
2. Rice vacuum packing machine is installed with Chinese and English touch screen display, and the convenient touch screen can make the operation simple and intuitive.

Rice Vacuum Packing Machine
3. Grain vacuum packing machine adopts PLC computer control system, which makes the operation more stable. When changing packaging products, no downtime is required to adjust any parameters.
4. The sealing temperature of the machine can be artificially controlled, and it can be applied to various composite film, PE film packaging materials, etc.
5. The noise generated during the operation of the machine is small, making the working environment very quiet, saving energy and reducing production costs.
6. Grain vacuum packing machine class will automatically complete the whole packaging process of filling, measuring, bagging, date printing, charging (exhaust) and automatic discharging.
7. The machine can customize the packaging style according to the requirements of users, which makes the packaging of products very diversified. One machine can pack a variety of products and increase the utilization rate of the machine.
8. Rice vacuum packing machine is equipped with high-precision targeting equipment, which can avoid collision of products during packaging and effectively reduce product waste rate.
Rice Vacuum Packing Machine For Sale
About Commercial Grain Rice Vacuum Packing Machine Company

We are a manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines. We have accumulated a lot of experience in the field of packaging machines in the past ten years since the establishment of our company. Rice vacuum packing machine are combined with advanced foreign technology, which makes this machines more efficient and less expensive.

Our vacuum packing machines have many different specifications and prices. Customers can choose the machines according to their own conditions. Commercial grain rice vacuum packing machine price is reasonable, the quality is good, the product sells well at home and abroad. The products packaged by our machine have good antiseptic performance, and can extend the shelf life of food effectively, which is loved by many users.
 Do you have any requirements for vacuum packaging machines? If so, please contact us, we will not let you down.
Technical Data
Model LG-600
Vacuum chamber volume 620X620X100mm
Vacuuming speed 40m3/hour
Single seal size L600 X W10MM
Power 1.5kw,220v, 50HZ
Weight 152kg
Dimension 760X690X106cm

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