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Industrial Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China


About Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine Company

Our company is specialized in manufacturing meat vacuum packaging machine for nearly ten years. We have rich production experience in this field and are one of the largest manufacturers in this field.

Our company has more than ten departments and has a very strong team in research, design and production. Our industrial vacuum packaging machine have passed ISO9001 and other certification, the quality of the machines reliable, advanced technology.

Meat vacuum packaging machine is widely used in the field of food packaging. Paste, powder, granule and solid can be packaged by this machine.

Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine
Functions Of Industrial Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine

1. The machine materials are strictly in accordance with international standards, and the machine is made of stainless steel materials. This material is hygienic and safe, meeting the hygienic requirements of food packaging equipment, and ensuring food hygiene and safety.

2. The meat vacuum packaging machine is equipped with the function of frequency conversion, which can realize the rapid packaging of the machine and automatically adjust the size of the packaging bag. The operation is convenient and fast, which can effectively reduce the production time and improve the production efficiency.

3. The industrial vacuum packaging machine adopts advanced design, and the use of imported parts can guarantee the stability of equipment performance, low failure rate, prolong life, reduce the waste of raw materials, effectively save production costs and improve corporate profits.

4.The meat vacuum packaging machine is easy to operate and adopts advanced PLC and POD electric control system, which greatly improves the operating sensitivity. It can operate multiple machines simultaneously by one worker to reduce the labor cost of the company.

5.The waste rate of packaging materials using industrial vacuum packaging machine is very low. The machine is equipped with a material recovery system to realize the maximum utilization of raw materials.

Auto Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine

Our Services About Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine

Meat vacuum packaging machine adopts prefabricated bag structure with good sealing and good graphics on the package, which can effectively improve the product quality and grade.

We can provide customers with good pre-sales consulting, planning and design, optimization of product recommendations and other services. At the same time, we also have a complete production schedule and machine use tracking service to provide customers with timely after-sales solutions. We will also provide excellent one-to-one solutions to customers according to their needs and establish a comprehensive customer profile.

Our goal is to design and manufacture the most suitable and sophisticated packaging machine for customers, and grow into the first choice of customers in the field of packaging machine.

If you have more information about your products, contact us and we will provide you with quality products and services.

Technical Data
Model LGDZD-400
Power 220v/380v 50Hz 0.75KW
Vacuum Chamber Size 400*330*110mm
Packing Speed 1-4pcs/min
Sealing Length 400*10mm
Dimension 485*540*940mm
Machine weight 85kg
Bag Material Vacuum Use bag, Aluminum foil bag

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