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Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine For Sale

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China


This automatic cellophane packaging machine is stylish and easy to operate,high quality and the price for sale is very favorable. I believe you deserve it. This machine is mainly suitable for the outer packaging of square boxed articles in tobacco, medicine, food, health care products, cosmetics, audio-visual systems and other industries. Such as medicine boxes, chewing gum, health products, mosquito coils, cigarettes, tapes, VCD (CD) discs, playing cards, transparent, square batteries, floppy disks, etc. It have played a role in anti-counterfeiting and moisture-proof, and improved product grades, adding value-added products.

Our company has been committed to the development and production of automatic cellophane wrapping machine and has a wealth of experience. The company has a number of long-term cooperation factories, our products can withstand the test of customers, and won the praise of customers. Our service is first-class, and professional staff to answer questions and provide customers with attentive service. We will provide you with superior products and services.

Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine
Advantage Of Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Lightweight and Dedicated. Compact design, light and stable, easy to handle, easy to operate.

Stable and efficient. Citing the most cutting-edge design elements from abroad, the whole machine has a more reliable, quiet and packaging effect. It is easier to control.

Sophisticated and Excellent. The numerical control processing of parts and components, the imported materials and configurations have been adjusted and optimized. Handle,  durable and precise.

It is not necessary to adjust the height of the working table on both sides of automatic cellophane wrapping machine when replacing the mould. It is not necessary to disassemble and install the material chain and discharge hopper. The four-hour replacement time of the traditional machine is reduced to only 30 minutes now. The production efficiency of the machine is high and the price for sale is reasonable
Features Of Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine

The machine adopts a variety of advanced systems, which can make the packaging speed faster, the packaging size more accurate, the heat sealing temperature more accurate. The products packaged with this packaging machine are more beautiful in appearance.
Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine For Sale
Automatic cellophane wrapping machine adopts the new double - rotating cutting film system. The use of this system can make sealing more accurate and smooth, greatly reduce the rate of defective products, and extend the service life of the machine. The machine can use the compound sticker anti-counterfeiting function, this function can really play the role of anti-counterfeiting, can effectively guarantee the safety of products. The packaged product can play a good waterproof role.

The machine can use different molds, only need to change molds to be able to pack different sizes of goods. The machine adopts many new patented structural designs, which make it easier to change the mould and operate it more easily.

Automatic cellophane wrapping machine is equipped with electrostatic eliminator, this device can effectively eliminate static case packaging film adsorption phenomenon, can make the packaging more perfect appearance, which can effectively improve product quality, increase product added value.

Function Of Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Anti - counterfeiting, anti - moisture; Improve the added value of products, improve the level of products, improve the decoration quality of products. 

Such a good product will meet all your packaging requirements, please contact us if you need it.
Technical Data
Model LGB-400A Common Model LGB-400A Large Model
Packing Speed 20-50bag/min 15-30bag/min
Packing Size (L)100-300mm(W)50-160mm(H)20-90mm (L)100-400mm(W)50-220mm(H)20-110mm
Voltage 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz
Motor Power 4KW 4KW
Heating Power 3.7KW 3.7KW
Air Pressure 7.5kg/m³ 7.5kg/m³
Transmission rack 1800*300*750(mm) 1800*300*750(mm)
Dimension 2150*850*1700mm(L*W*H) 2350*900*1700mm(L*W*H)
Weight 1000kg 1000kg
Material Cellophane(BOPP heat sealing film)

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