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Automatic Industrial Rice Bag Sew And Stitching Machine Price

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

We have professional industrial bag stitching machine and I wonder if you are interested in it. Rice bag sewing machine is a fully automatic machine, and its performance and quality are obviously better than those of other factories. We have supplied our machines to many large international brands and received good feedback.

Rice bag sewing machine have been used in many fields, such as grain packaging, flour packaging, grain packaging and other industries. Advanced technology is used to make the machine easier to operate. Imported production materials are the basis for long - term use of machines. Our machines adopt a more compact design, which makes them smaller and more suitable for large-scale use in factories. The machine can also work with the assembly line, which can effectively improve the working efficiency and make the package of products more convenient. The machine has received a warm welcome from the customers since it was sold in the market. Our machines have superior performance and Automatic bag stitching machine price is best. It is your first choice.

Automatic Bag Stitching Machine Price

Advantages Of Rice Bag Sewing Machine

1. Industrial bag stitching machine can use automatic counting function to make the production more definite.
2.The heat sealing speed of the machine is very fast. The imported sealing elements are adopted to make the machine faster and seal more firmly.
3.Automatic temperature control system. Industrial bag stitching machine adopts contactless automatic temperature control system, which can set the temperature in advance, and equipped with CRT monitor, so as to make the temperature display more clear.
4.Precision length measuring equipment. The length of the packaging bag and the distance between the different colors in the printing trademark can be measured by photoelectricity, making the length and style more accurate.
5.Advanced punching equipment. The punching time of the machine can be preset to achieve the purpose of continuous or interval punching.
6.The machine can be set up a variety of sealing mode, can meet the customer's different packaging requirements.
7.Automatic alarm function: when the machine loses photoelectricity and loses temperature, the servo motor can start the alarm and automatically shut down the machine to avoid the occurrence of dangerous accidents.
8.Printing system, rice bag sewing machine can easily obtain the company's trademark and carry out printing operations.

Automatic Bag Stitching Machine Price For Sale

Services About Rice Bag Sewing Machine

We can offer different services to our customers. Before you buy our machines, you can contact our sales staff online to understand the specifications and performance of the machines. We also support customers to visit the factory and check the quality of the industrial bag stitching machine so that customers can feel more confident. We will provide one-to-one services to each customer to ensure the professionalism of our services and make our services more considerate. We have professional pre-sales, sales and after-sales service. Customers can choose their services according to their own needs. Our service staff will make you feel more satisfied.

Professional service, first-class machines, looking forward to your inquiry.
Technical Data
Model LG-35-6A
Bag Height 300-1000mm,can be adjust by the demand.
Power sewing machine 0.37 KW, folding machine 0.15 KW, conveyor 0.55 K W
Packing range 2.5-50kg
Voltage 380 v / 50 hz
Transmission speed 5-15m / min 300-600 bags / hour
Conveyor length 3m, can be customized according to the production
Air pressure 0.6 MP
Sewing thread cotton, polyester line (double)
Dimension 1190*900*2170mm

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