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Semi Automatic Hot Melt Glue Carton Case Sealing Machine -Sealer

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

Hot melt glue carton sealing machine is an improved machine, it has faster sealing speed and better sealing effect. We have always attached great importance to customer feedback and have been improving our machines according to customer feedback. Hot melt glue case sealer machine runs fast, the quality is excellent, the price is low, receives the customer high praise. The machine is widely used to seal all kinds of cartons. Sealed after the appearance of more beautiful, and easy to transport.

Our machines are packed with high quality materials. Hot melt glue carton sealing machine has the first-class, the brand-new craft, conforms to this profession request quality, the specification and the performance.

Hot Melt Glue Carton Case Sealing Machine

Features Of Hot Melt Glue Carton Sealing Machine

1. Hot melt glue case sealer machine is equipped with a blade protection device, which can effectively prevent accidental stab wounds of operators.
2. The machine adopts advanced control system, which is easy to operate and maintain.
3. This machine is equipped with a dual drive system at the top and bottom to ensure quick sealing and beautiful carton edges. The sealing speed is also very fast, which can effectively reduce production time.
4. Hot melt glue carton sealing machine can adjust the production specifications according to the width and height of the carton.
Manually adjust the machine to make sealing more suitable.
5. The system is simple and easy to operate, and the price is low, the machine is durable, safe and the failure rate is low.
6. The sealing effect of the machine is good. The finished product is beautiful, fast, labor-saving and efficient.
7. After entering the machine, the machine can automatically push the box from the corner to the side sealing machine, and automatically seal the upper and lower side corners of the box.
8.The simple operation of Hot melt glue case sealer machine can be used together with the automatic packaging line to save more time.
9.Using this machine can ensure that the attachment works better, faster and more efficiently than manual work.

Hot Melt Glue Carton Case Sealing Machine For Sale

After-sales Services Of Hot Melt Glue Carton Sealing Machine

We can guarantee the quality of the main parts of hot melt glue case sealer machine. Our machines all have a warranty period. During the warranty period, we can provide free maintenance service if the machine fails without human error.
After the warranty period, if you need to replace the parts, we will provide you with the best price. When in use, you
We will do our best to help you solve any technical problems.
Welcome your comments on our products or services.
We value your feedback because we are always trying to provide better service. Looking forward to working with you.
Technical Data
Model LGCK-B015
Power 2.4 kw
Output 40-60 box/min
Weight 125 kg
Size 1800*700*1400 mm

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