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Automatic Instant Tea Stick Packing Machine With Holes

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

China tea stick packing machine is our company's technicians combined with customer feedback, the introduction of high - precision tea packaging machine. Tea stick packaging machine has simple structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance. This machine can automatically complete filling, bagging, date printing, sealing and other packaging process.

This machine adopts CPU chip to simplify the system, and it only needs simple operation to control the operation of the whole machine. The machine has been popular with customers since its launch.

Tea Stick Packing Machine
The Advantages Of Tea Stick Packing Machine

1.The material of tea stick packaging machine is 304 stainless steel, which is rust-proof and durable, easy to operate and easy to clean and maintain.
2.The independent PID temperature control system more suitable for various packaging materials, so that the use of various packaging materials can achieve a good packaging effect.
3.Advanced PLC control system can accurately control every process of packaging. 
4.The touch screen equipped with china machine and the stepping motor work together to control the bag length more effectively and make the bag length setting more convenient and accurate.
5.All operations of the machine are realized through the control system, which can make the function adjustment and technical upgrade of the machine more convenient and improve the performance of the machine more easily.
6. Tea stick packaging machine is equipped with a highly sensitive photoelectric eye color marking tracking system, which can input the sealing and cutting positions digitally, making the sealing and cutting positions more accurate, making the packaging more cohesive and more beautiful.
7.The transmission system of china tea stick packing machine is designed to be simpler and more reliable.
8. After packaging the product, the appearance is beautiful and upper class, limited to improve bulk tea transport convenience and portability.
9. All operation of this machine adopts intelligent system control, which can guarantee the product qualified rate to the maximum extent, reduce the production of defective products, and increase the maximum utilization rate of raw materials.

Tea Stick Packing Machine For Sale
After-sales Services About Tea Stick Packing Machine

Our company attaches great importance to after-sales service of tea stick packing machine and has set up an independent professional after-sales service department in the company to ensure that when customers encounter problems, they can easily get professional help.
Depending on the situation, the company will adopt different after-sales service, telephone consultation, online service and door-to-door service. If there is any problem in the use of the machine, the customer can first choose the telephone consulting service. By calling the company's service hotline, our after-sales service staff will provide the customer with professional solutions.

Online service is also an option for customers, who seek help from our after-sales staff through email or face-to-face video calls online. We also support door-to-door service. If there are some problems that are difficult to solve, our company will arrange our after-sales service department to solve these problems for the customers.
In addition, the company can also provide customers with machine upgrades according to different types of machines and different customer needs.

If you are interested in our machines, please feel free to contact us.
Technical Data
Machine Speed
20-50 Bags/min
Measuring Range
1- 10 g
Making bag size
(Width) 20-80 mm  (Length)30-160 mm
Packing Film Material
Laminated or Composite Film, like PET/AL/PE; Nylon/PET/PE;PET/PA/PE; BOPP/CPP; paper-plastic. Etc…
Gross Weight: 350KG
Bag type
Seamless center sealed stick
Zigzag Notch( Cut )
AC220V Single- phase 50HZ or 380V/50HZ three phase
Total Power
3 KW
Control System
Imported original Delta PLC control system+full color touch screen
Machine Material
Stainless Steel,meet the standard requirements for food products and durable in using time.
Machine Dimension
Length:2000 * Width:700 * Height:2300mm

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