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China Dip Tea Bag Packing Machine For Sale

MOQ:1 Set

Brand: Longer Machinery


Supply Ability:100 Set/Month


Warranty Time:12 Months

LOADING PORT:Qingdao Shanghai Port

Country Of Origin:China

China dip tea packing machine is an automatic tea packing machine produced by our company. This machine is produced in China. We have received unanimous praise from our customers since we launched this product. The exterior of the machine is made of stainless steel.

Elegant and beautiful, small size, small area, suitable for large-scale use of factories. This machine can be used for packaging tea, herbal tea, health care tea and other small particles in bags. Moreover, the machine adopts the working principle of rotating filling to seal the product. This machine can complete a series of automatic filling, sealing, cutting film and so on.
 Dip Tea Bag Packing Machine
Advantage Of Dip Tea Bag Packing Machine
1. The film is controlled automatically by the stepping motor during the operation of the china dip tea packing machine.
2. The temperature controller of PID regulator is fully adopted in this machine system, which can make the temperature control more accurate and stable, and is conducive to the packaging of products.
3. In addition, the machine also adopts PLC control motor system. Dip tea bag packing machine is displayed by the man-machine interface, which makes the operation more convenient and fast, which is conducive to improving the product efficiency.
4. All contact materials of this machine are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which can ensure the health and safety of the product.
5. China dip tea bag packing machine is a fully automatic machine, which can complete the flat cutting of accessories, date printing, easy tear and other system functions at one time.

 Auto Dip Tea Bag Packing Machine
China Dip Tea Bag Packing Machine For Sale

The quality of our china dip tea packing machine is very reliable, and we receive constant feedback from customers. Furthermore, we provide a full range of after-sales service, we are first-class after-sales service, can provide telephone counseling service and can provide door-to-door service, customer satisfaction to our goal.

All our machines are made of imported stainless steel, and all accessible places have been strictly inspected to meet the requirements of health and safety. The machine is well sealed, which can solve customers' concerns about the safety of the packaging products. As the market demand increases and the international situation changes, our machines have different specifications and prices.

China dip tea packing machine is the latest product of our company, which has been sold at home and abroad.This machine absorbs foreign advanced technology and combines nearly ten years of production experience of the company to build a simple structure model, low scrap rate and high efficiency of the machine.We focus on building the most suitable machine for customers' needs and packaging perfect products for customers.

If you want to know more about our machines, please feel free to call us.
Technical Data
Model LG-T1
Application Tea/Herbal/Coffee etc
Packing Material Tea Bag paper, cotton thread, label
Measuring Range 1.5-5g,3-15ml
Bag Size Length 50-75mm,Width 55-75mm
Label Size Length (18-23)Width 28mm
Capacity 30-60bag/min
Dimension 900*950*1800mm
Voltage 220V 50HZ
Powder 1.6KW
Weight 350kg

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